Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Daily: Dec 1

I have decided that I definitely want to capture my first Christmas with Mike and what better way to do that than by creating a December Daily album.  I haven’t quite figured out HOW I want my finished album to look but I know that I need to have my camera at the ready!

Apart from the fact that it’s December 1st, today started like any other… up at 6 am and getting ready to head into school.  We had a very eventful morning but thankfully the afternoon was much calmer and settled.

I got home to Toby barking to be let inside… very typical!  I had just finished getting changed out of my work clothes when I heard Toby barking again.  I asked him to be quiet… in the nicest possible way of course!… but he kept right on barking so I had to go and investigate and who should be at the door???  Yes it was Dougal!

That wee scalliwag has been extremely quiet during this year and I wasn’t even sure that he was going to make an appearance for Christmas but true to form he turned up right on time!  He even came bearing a gift!

Dec 1

Toby is a little disappointed because he knows he’s not allowed chocolate rocky road but he was very happy to see his wee brother again so all was forgiven.  The boys have been chatting non-stop and Toby has been showing Dougal all the changes around the house… and now they’re both sound asleep on Toby’s bed! 

I think I’m in for a fabulous holiday season!

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  1. It must be December - Dougal is back! Yeah. I am SO happy to be gearing up for Dougal Christmas tales & of course your tales to Shel (lol).


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