Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Daily: Dec 10

Last Thursday I came downstairs to my art studio intending to get started on the cover for my album... it's actually STILL waiting for me to do!  When I came inside I saw that 'someone' had been playing on my table and they'd left me a message about Toby being the naughty one... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Dougal was involved!  My only real gripe is that he used my 'Y' to make his words!!!

Later on in the day Mike got busy putting my potplants up on top of the rock wall.  It's looking really awesome now that it's been cleaned up.  We have discovered that Toby has worked out that he can walk up the top of the wall as well hence the need to put some sort of blockade up, otherwise he could simply walk up the rock wall... past the gate... and over the other side!

With all the cleaning up Mike has been doing in the backyard he decided he need to get a big metal drum to turn into an incinerator.  He got one the other day and brought it home.  Toby watched while Daddy made holes in the sides of the drum and he is most intrigued.  Now he just needs to wait until Mike actually lights it!

By the end of the day Dougal must have been feeling a bit guilty about his adventures on my art table because he got busy in the kitchen and did all of the dishes for me.  He's actually quite sweet most of the time... he's just very inquisitive and nosy!

For my creative pieces today I cut a stylised tree on my Cameo and then added the date star to the top of the tree.  My other piece was made using a Tim Holtz die and some more Grungeboard.  After die cutting the toy soldier I coloured him using Distress Markers... super easy but it looks quite cool.

Next up is last Friday which was a super busy and eventful day!

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