Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Daily: Dec 9

Here's what happened last Wednesday... it was my rostered day off work so I got up early and headed down to my art studio... the lighting is wonderful in there first thing in the morning.

A little while later I came upstairs and asked one small puppy if he would help me with the rubbish.  There's no good asking Toby because he always pulls out the "I've got no thumbs" excuse!  Dougal said he was happy to help me and then he promptly disappeared!  I figured I might as well get on with it myself.  Just after I had sealed up the rubbish bag Dougal arrived back in the kitchen... with a PEG on his nose!  Apparently the rubbish was too smelly for him and he 'couldn't breathe'!  He's such a little drama queen!!!

Later on in the morning I got some photos of the boys in my art studio.  They love hanging out in here with me.  Sometimes they lie on the mink blanket but when it's especially hot they lie on the concrete floor and it's very nice on their bellies apparently.

Toby is also spending more time outside now that I'm in my art studio.  He will come and wander inside to have a look at what I'm doing and then he goes back outside and lies in the sun... it's all such hard work for him really.  LOL

When Michael woke up he came downstairs and installed my new shelves and they're wonderful.  I really like the edging on them and now I've got my vintage cameras displayed.  Dougal quite likes the lower shelf because he can see everything that's going on without getting in my way.

For my arty pieces I used some goodies that I found in my Christmas stash.  The 'Live' bingo card and poinsettia are leftovers from a layout kit I did a few years ago.  The 'Einstein Santa' was also from a couple of years ago when I made some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards).

That's all from me today... Krystal is coming over soon to help me make 80 cupcakes for the Kea St kids Christmas party on Thursday.  We're going to make them tonight so that the mixer doesn't wake up Michael in the morning... and yes you did read that right... 80 cupcakes!


  1. Sorry Shell I have been being in my DD reading & commenting. I really like all your DD pages - you are being super crafty in your studio - does Mike really know what he has created? (lol). I would ask our Drama Queen who created all that smelly garbage in the first place ....

    1. I told Mike it was a good job there was no bed in the art studio or else I might just move in here LO


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