Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Daily: Dec 12

We spent most of Saturday at home.  Michael got busy putting new brake pads on one of the cars and Dougal kept an eye on him... from a safe distance so that he didn't get dirty!  He wanted to know what Mike was doing each step of the way and since they were right outside my art studio I got to hear the running commentary.  Sometimes Mike really does have a LOT of patience!

When Mum came over on Friday night she brought some homemade Florentine biscuits for us.  She'd never made them before and they turned out pretty nice.  Mum and I shared one on Friday night because they're quite rich.  In the morning Michael asked me who had made the 'delicious treats' in the fridge... and my answer was... How many did you eat???  Quick as a flash Michael said... More than one but less than all of them!  Turns out that he'd 'generously' left three for me.

And while we're on the subject of delicious treats... I bought a bucket of the new salted caramel flavour of Christmas Cookies.  Those cookie buckets have been a part of our festivities since the girls were little.  I thought I'd hidden the bucket quite well until Mike and I heard a commotion going on in the family room.  We caught Dougal AND Toby trying to get into the cookies... thankfully Toby has no thumbs and Dougal's teeth aren't strong enough so they couldn't get into them... what a shame!!

On Saturday night we were supposed to be going out for Mike's work function but a small case of food poisoning (not ours) foiled the plans... such a pain!  Since we'd planned on eating out I decided to do something special at home and I had my first attempt at making mussels in Thai broth... it wasn't too bad but the broth needs a few tweaks so that it's like the one at Brew.  Mike really enjoyed it though and it felt quite special sitting down to the mussels with crusty bread and a bottle of sparkling grape juice.  It's the simple pleasures of sharing a meal that makes life worthwhile. 

For my creative pieces I stamped a Tim Holtz Christmas ticket and combined it with a poinsettia and crystal brad along with the star date.  For the bottom piece I used the 'negative' space of a deer cut on the Cameo.  I especially like the embossed white card showing through... looks very cool!

So that was Saturday... thanks for stopping by again xx

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  1. You are one very busy lady. I really like the embossed paper you use for the day numbering. Your Mum's card is gorgeous! Carols by Candlelight would be so nice, normally we have snow at this time of year, but this year it's rain, rain, fog, & more rain. I'm glad that Dougal got busy in the kitchen to help out, he's been full of the mischief (all in a good way) - please give him & Toby a big hug from me. Oh & that fantastic man of yours needs & deserves a big hug too. Your stone wall does look a treat!


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