Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Daily: Dec 13

Yay!  The school year is finally done and dusted and today is the first day of my summer holidays... I have so many creative things I want to accomplish in my studio over the next few weeks but in the meantime it's time for a bit more December Daily.

Last Sunday Mike came up with the idea of putting our spare TV on a shelf in my art studio so that I can watch all my creative videos on a big screen.  When I realised that I would be able to watch my Creative Chemistry classes that I still haven't completed I was beyond excited!

Michael found an old shelf that used to be in Krystal's old bedroom and he cut it down to size.  Then Mr Dougal decided that he would really like to be the one to paint it.  I told him that I would take a photo to make it 'look' like he was painting it but that Daddy would do the actual painting... can you imagine the mess Dougal would have made in my studio???

Meanwhile, Toby was outside playing in the backyard and then I suddenly noticed that he'd gone very quiet.  I caught him coming back down the concrete wall where he was investigating whether or not he could get around the pot plants... thankfully he can't but his little excuse about just 'observing' didn't wash with me!

We've got two driveways at our house... it's not as flash as it might seem though.  We mostly use the driveway that goes to the kitchen door and the other driveway gives us access to the backyard... great for when we're doing firewood or gardening! Over the years I've let the grass grow over the driveway and just mowed it but Michael has other plans.  He's going to convert the driveway back to stone starting with taking the top layer of dirt and dead grass off and getting rid of it.  It's a HUGE job!

By late afternoon Mike had had enough of doing the driveway and the painting on the shelf and table were dry.  Michael decided to move our dining room table downstairs and paint it to match in with the rest of the room.  It now provides a home for the printer, laptop and Cameo... everything is really coming together!

For the creative pieces I did some cutting on the Cameo for the Christmas tree and then added a small cork star to the pot and the date star to the top.  For the second piece I die cut the word Noel and then stamped and heat embossed the holly branch onto some patterned paper and used the matching die to cut it out.

So that was our day last Sunday... very domesticated LOL

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