Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Daily: Dec 15

On Tuesday we were all quite fascinated at school with the workmen putting up scaffolding around the big hall next door.  At one stage we counted nearly 25 men all walking around on the roof and the scaffolding and not a safety harness in sight!

On Tuesday night it was time to start making 80 cupcakes for the kids Christmas party.  Krystal finished work at 7pm and she came around to give me a hand.  Dougal was very keen to 'help' with the baking and he read the recipe out to us over and over making sure we put all the ingredients in and that we mixed every batch properly.

There were times when he got so close to the mixer that he was practically IN the bowl!  Later that night he was complaining that he had a little bit of sugar, butter and egg stuck to his fur!!  Of course there's no good telling him that he needs to sit back further because it goes in one ear and out the other!

We baked all the cupcakes in batches of 12 and we were keeping a running total to make sure we had enough.  Dougal was very 'helpful' with the counting but his numbers kept changing.  We'd bake a batch of 12 cupcakes but the numbers would only go up by 11!  I think he may have been scoffing the odd cupcake and not telling us... as a matter of fact he DID look a little full by the time we pulled the last cupcakes out of the oven at 11.30pm!  Thank goodness I had Krystal's help!

Toby also kept us company while we did the baking.  He's been really loving the lights on the tree this year and quite often will lie down by the tree at night just watching them.

For my creative pieces I did a little recycling... the Merry Christmas vanilla spice circle is actually from the front of my vanilla oil fragrance packaging.  I cut it out with a 2" circle punch, distressed the edges and added some ink.  I also added a lovely jewel brad snowflake from my stash along with the date star.

The creative piece at the bottom of the page is from a Christmas bingo card photo that I used to make ATC's (artist trading cards) a few years ago.  I've been finding all sorts of things in my stash of goodies that have been just right to add to my December Daily album.

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