Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Daily: Dec 16

I'm steadily catching up with my December Daily!  We had quite a busy day last Wednesday.  I wasn't 'officially' at work but I did have to go in to sort out a few things for the kids party.  We also had to pick up a very special costume in town.

Several weeks ago Michael was asked if he could please dress up as Santa for the kids Christmas party... and Michael agreed to do it.  He even agreed to arrive on the Harley... Santa was very modern this year!  When we went into town we picked up the Santa costume and brought it home.  We decided to hide it from the boys and just carry on as usual.

I got busy down in my art studio using my new quilt die which I am really, really liking!  I was busy working on one of the quilts when Toby and Dougal came rushing in to tell me that 'somone' was at our house and I HAD to come and look RIGHT NOW!  I was pretty sure I knew what was going on... Yes, Michael had tried on the suit and the boys had spotted him.  They were very keen to know if Daddy had any presents for them... they're just going to have to wait for Christmas!

On Wednesday night Krystal came around to help me ice all the cupcakes.  We decided to use up all my Christmas sprinkles so we mixed them all together in a small bowl and there was enough for almost all of them.  Dougal put himself in charge of 'quality control' which basically meant that he made sure Krystal put the same amount of icing onto every single cupcake... he's very bossy for a small boy!

When Michael arrived home from night shift he knew there would be four cupcakes for him on the bench because we'd talked on the phone earlier in the evening.  Unfortunately, Dougal got in first and when Daddy asked Dougal what had happened to his cupcakes he tried to say that Toby had eaten them!  Daddy wasn't fooled though because Toby was sound asleep on his bed and Dougal had icing all around his mouth... naughty, naughty boy!

For my creative pieces I've been busy die cutting again.  The little reindeer was made from the recycled wrapping from a Christmas cracker from our staff lunch on Friday.  I glued the wrapping to some thin chipboard before die cutting to give it a bit more substance and then I added the date star and the poinsettia flower.

The lower pocket was made with another die cut piece... this time I stamped the leaves and swirls onto a piece of Prima packaging... go me with the recycling!   After I stamped and heat embossed the swirls/leaves I die cut them and added another poinsettia flower.  It still 'needed' something so I die cut the word 'joy' from some glitter cardstock and added it to the rest of the card and it looks great.

In my next installment I'll be able to share some of the 320 photos I took during our Christmas party xx

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