Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Daily: Dec 21

By Monday morning Mike's eye was really driving him crazy so we went down to the doctors as soon as they opened.  It turns out that the wee speck was sitting right over the cornea and the doctor wasn't prepared to try and remove it so he made an appointment for Mike at the eye clinic later in the day.

Meanwhile, Dougal thought that Daddy was getting far too much attention and sympathy!  Dougal much prefers it when he's the center of attention!  So what's a small puppy to do??? He 'invented' his own sore eye!  He moaned... he cried for 'eye medicine'... he wanted to go to the eye clinic too.  Then I noticed that it was quiet... a little TOO quiet... and where was Dougal???  Helping himself to some of Daddy's Optrex eye wash! 

In the end it turned out that what Dougal really wanted was some cuddles and attention.  I made a big fuss of him... gave him a few cuddles and read him a story and he was quite happy to carry on playing for the rest of the afternoon.

Late afternoon, Michael and I headed down to the eye clinic and the specialist was able to remove the 'foreign object' from Michael's eye.  He had a bit of antiseptic cream to apply but she said she'd managed to remove it without damaging his eye... what a relief!

In between all the dramas at home I actually managed to make some 'Reindeer Noses' treats and present labels for the kids.  I've wanted to make the 'noses' packets for a few years now and just always seemed to run out of time so I was thrilled to actually get them done.  I even managed to get them sent to my sister and they arrived the very next day... fantastic!

For the creative pieces on this page I kept it really simple.  The top piece was made with a cardstock embellishment from my stash along with the date star.  The bottom pocket contains a stamped and heat embossed Christmas tree which I cut out and then I added some cork stars to finish it off.

It's so close to Christmas now... I can feel the excitement in the air... and the boys are SUPER excited that Santa is coming tonight!

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