Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Daily: Dec 20

Sunday ended up being quite an eventful day!  We spent some time in the morning doing stuff around the house and then I decided to make a quick 'pizza bread' for lunch.  I swear that my boys can all hear when I open the pantry or the fridge and they all come running to see what I'm up to!

I'd barely got the lunch started before Michael was looking over my shoulder, Toby was at my feet and Dougal was sitting on the stove watching!  They must run around with empty bellies the whole time... either that or they all have worms LOL

In the afternoon Mike and Toby got busy in the backyard scraping the top of the driveway.  The only problem was that Toby really wasn't helpful at all... in fact he starting attacking the shovel each time Mike tried to use it.  At one point Toby actually nipped Mike's foot!!!  There must be something about that shovel because he's fine with the spade.

Mike wanted pizza for dinner... even though we'd had pizza bread for lunch.  He's quite a creature of habit really, so on  Sunday night I made him a meatlovers pizza with bacon, salami and frankfurters and then added a few mushrooms... really delicious!

After dinner we settled down to watch some TV but Michael's eye was starting to really bother him.  He had a little speck of something in it and after much rubbing (which I told him not to do!) we went to the supermarket and bought some Optrex eye wash.

Unfortunately, the eye wash didn't work and his eye was really annoying him so we did a quite trip down to A&E.  There were heaps of people there and it looked like it was going to take several hours to get seen so Mike decided that we'd just go home and he'd go to the doctors in the morning.

For my creative pieces today I used a few more stamps that I've found while going through containers in my art studio.  The top piece is part of a Tim Holtz stamp and one of my favourite Christmas images.  I teamed it up with a poinsettia and the date star.

For the other pocket I did some heat embossing in the both silver and white and then layered it with some patterned paper... very easy but quite effective.

So that was our Sunday :)

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