Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Daily: Dec 5

Saturday turned out to be quite a busy day around here.  The boys and I got up early and were in the art studio just after 6am.  I’m so pleased that I keep my camera close by because I managed to get a really nice photo of Toby sitting just outside the French doors.


If you saw my blog post on Saturday you will know that I spent a bit of time organising my word dies and that system is working out great for me!

Michael bought a new phone for the art studio as well.  He got all the wiring done and the phone is crystal clear!  Dougal thought the new phone was pretty cool too… although I’m hoping I won’t have a horrendous phone bill from him calling Santa!

dougal on phone_1

While we were out doing our jobs in town we called into the new Countdown supermarket and Mike got all starry-eyed about the seafood bar.  It didn’t take him long to request a seafood chowder for dinner either!

When we got home Mike spent a bit of time in the garden and then he climbed up on the brick wall again and decided to wash it down. There was water, dirt and weeds flying everywhere and he was quite happy making a mess. 


Meanwhile, I was inside making the requested seafood chowder followed by my caramel croissant bread and butter pudding… yes that was another request!

Michael finally finished washing down the wall just after 7pm but the dinner was well worth waiting for!

seafood chowder_1

So that was our Saturday!

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