Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Daily: Dec 6

I’ve been having a little catch up today and getting photos printed.  I’m loving how my album is coming along!

Sunday was a lovely day… I spent some time in my art studio putting finishing touches on some projects including making a non-traditional Christmas card.  I really love the whole red, green, traditional theme of Christmas but this year I spotted Kaiser’s Silver Bells collection and loved it!

The pad is mostly done in pinks and blues and there’s even some varnished papers in it like the one I used for the girls skirt:

non traditional_1

By mid-morning Michael was ready to help me with the Christmas tree.  This will be our first Christmas together and we’re really looking forward to all the festivities.  We got the tree up and I showed him how to ‘fluff’ the branches to make it all look full and bushy. 

Then came the lights… all 700 of them!  It took us a bit of time but we got there in the end.  While Michael and I were having a quick break Toby came running into the kitchen to tell on Dougal.  Apparently he was IN the Christmas tree looking at the lights.  Toby’s usually pretty honest so I went for a look and sure enough there was Dougal with most of his body in the tree!

tree bomb_1

Sometimes he really is quite naughty!  After we did a little growl he was much better behaved and then he sat with Toby and watched us decorate the family room with all our wonderful Christmas decorations.  It’s definitely starting to look like Christmas around here!

christmas tree_1

By mid afternoon we were done and dusted so we decided to head over to Tauranga for a bike ride.  Toby knows that he is staying home when he sees all our bike gear but Dougal hasn’t had that experience yet and he was quite insistent on coming… he even tried to ‘borrow’ my helmet:


Unfortunately for Dougal it was two against one and we left him at home with Toby.  Maybe we really will have to invest in a side car one day!

I hope you’re all enjoying the lead up to Christmas as much as I am xx

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  1. like you, I like a lot of lights on my Christmas tree. Naughty Dougal in the tree! So far my two fur girls (still kittens) haven't bothered with the trees. From yesterday's post I like the shot you took of Toby looking out from your studio - with the trees gone, lots of sun shine.


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