Monday, December 14, 2015

December Daily: Dec 7

Yes I'm back again... and this time I have a Dougal story!

Last Monday, I came home from school to find Toby outside like normal but there was no sign of my other wee boy!  Toby hadn't seen him and he wasn't in the family room or any of the bedrooms.  Then I spotted the coffee table pushed right into the corner of the lounge... and WHO was sitting ON the table but that little rat bag Dougal!  Before he realised that I had seen him I grabbed my camera and got a photo of what he was doing.

The mailman had delivered me an invitation to the Pak,n,Save Christmas party and Dougal had simply crossed my name out and inserted his and Toby's names instead!  What he forgot of course is that puppies are not allowed at the supermarket so he was right out of luck!!

Along with the mailman leaving invitations, the courier man also left a parcel at home which Dougal tried to snatch for himself.  He kept insisting that it was for HIM but knowing that Michael has been buying things on Trade Me I rather thought that it might be something for Daddy instead of Dougal!  Turns out I was right and they were actually a pair of sunglasses for Michael to wear on the motorbike.  Poor Dougal had his sneaky plans foiled again!

Toby seemed to be a bit naughty today when I caught him playing with a Christmas bauble!  It wasn't until I got a good look at it that I realised it was one of the dented ones and that Michael had actually given it to him to play with.  I hope Toby doesn't take a liking to sparkly baubles and start taking them from the tree!

I had a little bit of luck today too.  While I was at AJ's emporium I spotted some cool little Christmas boxes.  It's the perfect size for sitting on my art table and I can put all my bits and pieces for working on my December Daily album in it and it keeps everything neat and tidy.

And now for my little 2x4 pieces of creativity.  The top one is another 'quilt' made using pieces left over from the one I made for the 6th.  It's the complete reverse with the pattern in the frame and the quilted pieces in the white.  Really liking that quilt die!

As for the other piece... I found some grungeboard stars in my baskets of goodies.  I haven't used grungeboard in ages so I got out some pewter paint and gave them a bit of background and then I heat embossed with poly sparkle over the top.  Really simple but it looks lovely in my album.

So there you have it... just another day in our December lives.  Thanks for stopping by xx

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