Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Daily: Dec 8

Today I've got my December 8th page to share with you.  Hard to believe this was only a week ago  because so much has happened since then!

While I was at work last Tuesday Michael got a call to say the new shelves for my art studio had arrived.  We ordered them a couple of weeks ago and I was super looking forward to getting them so that I could display some more of my things.  Dougal climbed straight into the box and he was mightily disappointed to find that there was nothing for him... Michael said he whimpered about things 'not being fair' for the rest of the morning!  Luckily for me... and unluckily for the boys... Daddy is quite immune to whimpering!  Most of the time he just stands their mimicking them which usually makes everyone laugh!

Meanwhile, Michael also got busy wrapping his Christmas shopping.  We NEVER have presents under the tree this early in December because there's just too much temptation for them to get 'tampered' with!  Of course I had to check out who all the various parcels were for and now I know why they're under the tree... all five are for ME!!!  I suspect that Michael is trying to tempt me into touching the parcels and trying to guess what's inside but I'm not going to cave in!

After school I came home to grab my library books to take back and Dougal very nicely asked if he could come with me.  He was all chatty in the car and telling me what he and Toby and Michael had been up to during the day... although he did leave out the whimpering and sulking bit!  When we got to the library he headed off to the kiddies section and selected a pile of Christmas books.  By the time I came looking for him he was all set up in one of the window seats having a wonderful time.

Later on I got a call from Krystal to see if I'd like to join her at McDonalds for dinner.  I hardly ever go there so it was a real treat... and a lovely way to catch up and chat without little ears listening in on our conversation!

For my arty pieces today I used some stamps that I found during some sorting out.  I especially love the one in the bottom piece since it actually had the 8th date on it.  I even did a little inking on today's pieces.

So that was our day... lots of little bits and pieces... after all, that's what life is all about isn't it?

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