Saturday, January 2, 2016

December Daily: Dec 28

Michael has ALWAYS got at least one project on the go!  If he's not actually doing a project then he's thinking about a project so why should December be any different??

On Monday I woke up to find Michael in the dining room ready to apply Danish Oil to our new dining table.  On Christmas Day I'd wiped it down with a damp cloth and it had 'bloomed'... turns out the previous owners had put some sort of wax on the table to make it look nice but now the wax was coming off every time we wiped the table.

Michael Googled all about it on his phone and found a tutorial that said to use a cloth and hot iron to 'pull' the wax from the table and it worked brilliantly.  Now that he's applied the Danish Oil the table looks and feels so much nicer.

Then he was onto his next project!  Krystal is moving back here soon and she wants to put a caravan at our place to live in.  Mike decided that he was going to make the most of our patio area so he decided to move the fence and gate from the driveway side of the house to around onto the deck side... that way Krystal's caravan can go onto our patio area.

Mike had removed one section of fence when Toby went outside for a look and the expression on his face was priceless!!!  He came running around the corner... saw the fence... stopped immediately... and then looked at me as if to say "I didn't do it... I think we've been burgled!" 

Meanwhile, Mike kept working on the fence for the rest of the day.  He had to try and figure out a way to re-install the gate around the corner which meant drilling a couple of holes into my concrete... which meant using a concrete drill piece... BUT... the drill itself couldn't quite handle it and the next thing you know there was smoke pouring out of it followed by a few flames!  This of course meant a trip to Bunnings to buy a new drill... Mike wasn't too upset by that prospect.

By the time it got dark Mike had installed the gate into it's new home and worked out how the fence was going to go as well.  Then he decided that he'd make Moroccan lamb burgers for dinner!

Mike's been watching too many cooking shows because he often talks about 'letting the flavours infuse'... or 'using different flavour profiles'... and it's all said for dramatic effect of course!  He has actually been really enjoying cooking lately and I hardly ever get to be in the kitchen myself!

I really like my creative pieces on this page... some days they just come together really well.  For the date pocket I cut my date using a Tim Holtz die and then I got busy on my Silhouette and cut a pot plant pot and plant.  I did a bit of inking... added a mini banner from my stash and a cork star finished it off.

Since Mike was working on the gate I decided to replicate that in my second pocket.  The packaging the cork stars came in had a 'wood grain' background on the card so I used that to cut a gate from with my Silhouette.  It needed something so I added the black beams to match in with our real fence a bit and then I went through my flower stash and found a few pieces that looked good.

So that's what we did on Monday... thanks for visiting xx


  1. Mike is one busy man & one very creative man. What a great idea the planters are. You are one very generous Mum to let Krystal come home & park a caravan in your yard! We also watch a lot of the cooking shows but it has yet to inspire my husband!! Happy New Year Shell & all the family.

    1. Thanks Mary-Lou :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year as well xx


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