Friday, January 1, 2016

December Daily: Dec 27

After our day out on the bike we decided to have a fairly domesticated day on Sunday.

First thing in the morning we got rid of some of the old dirt and stones from the driveway.  It's surprising how much it all weighs and I'm super pleased we pay at the dump by size versus weight!  Another bonus is that the ute, which we borrowed from Mike's boss, has a tipper on it.  Mike still had to shovel some of it off so that we didn't end up with the entire ute going over the side but once it got going the tipper made the rest of the job quick and easy.

On the way back from the rubbish dump we called into Bunnings for some herb plants for the new planter boxes Michael has made.  We chose all the herbs we actually cook with... no point growing something we're not even going to use!  When we got home we popped them all up on the bench and table because it was too hot for planting.

A little later in the day Michael came and told me I needed to bring my camera to the kitchen... and who was there but Mr Dougal!  It turns out that he really doesn't like the smell of Basil so he thought he'd add his own 'perfume' to the plants!  Oh My Goodness!!!  So naughty!!!

Later on when it had cooled down we got busy filling the planter boxes with potting mix and getting the herbs set up in their new home.  Mike mentioned to me that he didn't really know what to do because he'd only ever grown 'pot' plants before (if you know what I mean!) I told him the process was exactly the same but with a completely legal outcome LOL  As tidy as he is with everything else he's a messy gardener... but he did clean up after himself when he was done!

We'd actually told the boys that we were going to plant the herbs as a family but Toby pulled the "I've got no thumbs' excuse on us as per usual and Dougal said he 'didn't want to get dirty'... and quite frankly it was nice to have some peace and quiet while we were planting... and then they were too quiet so I went to investigate and I found them in the lounge watching the Discovery channel on TV!  I snuck back out and grabbed my camera and managed to get a photo of them while the seagulls were on the screen.  I really couldn't help but laugh at how engrossed they were in the programme... and of course it's highly educational!

For my creative pieces I used a 'happy holidays' from Heidi Swapp's pack along with my die cut date and a cork star.  For the bottom piece I die cut a few flowers using some of the patterned paper I've used earlier in my album and I quite like the summery results.

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