Monday, January 4, 2016

December Daily: Dec 30

On Wednesday we had more surprises in store because my sister and her family came for an impromptu holiday!  They've been here for a few days and apart from the fact that the Big Day Out we planned for Saturday got completely rained off, we've had a great time.  We've even managed to have some 'grown up' time because Krystal was able to babysit for us.  On Saturday night the grown ups went to Lone Star for dinner and last night we went to see Star Wars at the cinema.  So nice to just do some fun things together!

Getting back to Wednesday... it was Nivea's first morning with us and she was not too sure about things but she did like getting under the Christmas tree!  She seemed to be like Dougal... it was all about the lights!  Toby was very aware of where Nivea was and he kept a watchful eye on her to make sure she didn't wreck anything.

We'd had a real battle keeping her off our bed during the night so I took Toby with me down to Animates and we picked her out a bed just like his one.  He got his bed a few years ago and he loves it... in the summer it's nice and cool because it's up off the floor and in the winter the warm air from the fire keeps the chill away.  It turns out that Nivea loves her new bed and she slept on it all night the first night... then she decided that snuggling up with Mumma and Daddy was much better!  We're still working on it!

My sister and her family arrived late in the afternoon and the kids needed to blow off some steam after being cooped up in the car for several hours so they all went to the park behind my house.  Their Dad went with them while my sister and I stood on the deck and just watched... we should have cracked open the wine LOL

With all the goings on and the need for space with so many extras in the house we decided to take down our Christmas tree.  Nivea and Dougal weren't ready for it but the rest of us definitely were.  Dougal 'helped' by sitting in the container of lights and sparkly baubles!  He LOVES the glittery bits of Christmas! and he wasn't too  keen to see them disappear for another year.

Speaking of disappearing...  with all the extra people in the house Dougal decided to make his departure and head off on his travels.  I love that he comes to visit every December even if he isn't very good at keeping in touch during the year.  I'm sure Toby and Nivea will have lots to tell him when he returns!

For my creative pieces on this page I kept it really, really simple.   I cut a dog with a Santa hat on my Silhouette and then added the date for the top pocket and for the lower pocket I used my Silhouette to cut a boy standing on a tyre to represent the kids at the park.

Only one more day to go and my album will be finished!  I'm almost finished my cover too... so pleased that I did the December Daily this year!

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  1. I hope that Dougal knows that he is always welcomed to stay here a while. I look forward to his return next Christmas. Your new puppy, Nivea looks lovely & sweet. I was really ready for the decorations to be put away by today (Jan 6th).


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