Thursday, January 7, 2016

December Daily: Dec 31

New Years Eve turned out to be a fairly quiet day around here... and in fact nobody stayed up to see the new year in!

Our mailbox has been getting inundated with packages and parcels for Krystal lately and December 31 was no exception.  That morning I grabbed up all the parcels and simply put them onto the dining table and then went off to do something.  When I came back it must have been the way the light was coming through the windows but the packages looked really great so I got out my camera and took a few photos.

Around mid-morning Michael, my sister and my niece headed into town to look at new computers.  My BIL and nephews hung out at home with me and the fur babies until lunchtime and then we headed into town to meet up with the others.

Brew is definitely one of my favourite restaurants and this time Mike and I decided to share a 'surf and turf' platter that was full of delicious treats. We'd certainly have it again!

Later on in the day the craziness began... the kids got really hyper and poor Toby and Nivea got caught up in the hysteria.  There was a lot of laughing... lots of goofiness and... one photograph of a very bare bottom!!  We'll be saving that for my nephews 21st!!!   At one stage Toby looked at me as if to say... 'what on earth is going on Mumma?' 

One thing Mike always says when I do baking is 'why can't you make the cookies bigger?'  So since I was doing lots of baking for our New Years Eve I decided that I would make him his own special cookie... and it was BIG!  In fact it was so big that it didn't even fit on a dinner plate!  Mike thought he was up for the challenge but it turned out that he had to eat it over two days... although Nivea was very keen to try and help Daddy out!

For my creative pieces I made use of my Silhouette again and cut some words.  I really do love my life with all it's imperfections and craziness... and life is good!

For the second pocket I wanted to have something about the new year and I found the perfect cutting file online.  The words came out perfectly and I added some more of the cork stars.

So that's the end of my December Daily.  Hopefully I'll actually get the cover finished tomorrow and then I can share it with you.  Thanks for stopping by xx

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  1. Another fantastic December Daily Shell. You made some really lovely pages. It's the new studio - Mike deserved that big cookie :)


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