Friday, January 8, 2016

December Daily: Done and Dusted!

Well I've actually done it... the cover is made... the album is together and I'm really pleased with the outcome.  The album cover has been sitting on my table for quite a while now... not ALL of December but at least half!

As I made creative pieces for my album I kept thinking about the things that were my favourites... and as I went through my stash and containers looking for stuff, I put things aside... and then this morning, the last couple of pieces fell into place and it came together really quickly.

I actually started off making the background.  As I was sorting through things I came across a box of layouts and this one really jumped out at me:

I especially like the embossing and the 'adore' card so I used both of those things on my cover.

My scanner is too small to get the whole thing scanned in one go so I've gone for photographs instead... so here's the finished cover:

You might remember me making the quilt pieces using my new die... I decided to make a few more and this one was perfect for the cover.  I also made a full size Prima girl to match in with my Christmas cards.

The 'December' and '2015' were both cut on my Silhouette and then I did a shadow layer for them to sit on.  The 'Daily' words were some cork stickers that I had in my stash unopened... to be honest I have no idea how long I've had them for!  I fiddled around with my Silhouette and made a shadow layer for them as well so it all ties in together.

Of course I had to use up my last few cork stars and the silver stars (on the girls skirt and the bingo card) are left overs from another creative piece within the album.

The poinsettia flower stem is a Prima one.  According to the packet it was in, there were actually two in the packet... I think the other one may have been white and I vaguely remember using it for something, probably a layout, although I can't remember which one!

Since I was taking photos anyway I decided to get a few more shots of my album from different angles:

By the end of the month my album was getting quite fat!

Mike hasn't seen the finished album yet but I'm pretty sure he'll like it... after all he features in it quite a bit!

So there you have it... an actual finished album!  Thanks so much for following along with me xx


  1. Gorgeous cover - another December Daily that I really enjoyed viewing - thanks!

    1. Thanks Mary-Lou... really pleased with it myself :)


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