Sunday, May 1, 2016

A celebration and a shaker card!

Hi there :)  I woke up early this morning to discover the BEST kind of emails... blog comments about my cards!

One of them said: Congratulations on your honourable mention. I love these gnomes, they're too cute.

Honorable mention???  I headed straight to the blog post to see what it was all about!  Remember me making these cards for CAS(E) Challenge #169?

Well, today they announced the winners on the CAS(E) blog and I got an honorable mention!!!
Yes, I'm thrilled to bits!  Love those wee gnomes and totally enjoyed making my cards!

Speaking about making cards... I've been inspired by yet another card maker.  This card is a bit serendipitous actually... you'll see why in a moment.

A couple of days ago, Amy from Prairie Paper & Ink made a really cool shaker card.  I watched her video and was really intrigued by how she'd designed it... and even more happy because I had both the pockets she used and the Fuse tool in my art studio.

You can check out Amy's video on You Tube... I've subscribed to her channel and picked up TONS of hints and tips already!

I kept going back to Amy's video and I could feel an idea formulating.  Then I noticed the stamped images I'd done from my new Simon Says Stamp Warm Christmas Wishes set:

All of a sudden I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to create... a bon voyage card with a shaker insert filled with SAND!

This morning I dragged Michael out to Ngongotaha to help me collect some sand from the edge of the lake.  He immediately scooped down into the sand and came up with lots of damp sand which wasn't exactly what I was wanting.  He then helped me scoop up just the very top sand which was lovely and dry!

Since he was so helpful I took him out to breakfast!  Michael's actually been away for work for a week and only got home yesterday afternoon so it was nice to catch up over some pancakes and eggs Benedict!

Anyway, back to my card, after we got home I went straight into my art studio, stamped and coloured some more images using my Peerless watercolours and here's what I came up with:

It turned out that I didn't have a 'bon voyage' stamp in my supplies... but I did have a set that I had NEVER stamped before which included the sentiment 'make a splash'.  It was perfect for my card and actually probably makes it more usable because it could be used for anything now rather than just for a bon voyage card.

As I was looking at the stamp set I noticed a small logo at the top of the packet which said 'Amy R stamps'... it turns out that Amy from the video and Amy the stamp designer are one and the same!

See what I mean about serendipity?

My day is filled with lots of reasons to smile :)   Thanks for visiting my blog today xx


  1. Love your shaker card, filling it with sand is just genius! Better watch out that those gnomes don't get jealous though. Cara x

  2. Your shaker sand card is funtastic!!

  3. This is awesome! :) :) :)


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