Friday, April 29, 2016

The Art Studio is coming together!

It feels like it's taken AGES for me to get used to having the art studio but I'm really starting to make it my own space now.

I thought I might show you a few of the 'decorative' things in the room... things that make my space feel like it actually belongs to me!

Two weeks ago, Krystal and I drove to Napier for the day to meet up with my sister and her friend.  For those that don't know it's about 220 kilometres each way... probably crazy to go just for the day but Krystal had to work on Sunday so we had to be back.

It was a totally fabulous day!  My sister and her friend drove down from Gisborne and we arrived in Napier within 5 minutes of each other.  They were staying the night so we all met up at their hotel before heading into town for lunch.

Then it was time for a spot of shopping and in Michael's words my wallet was 'hemorrhaging' money by the time I'd finished LOL   It was well worth it though!

First up I bought a cool metal flower to go on the wall.  I really love the red!

The metal flower is fixed to the back wall of the art studio so you see it as soon as you walk in.  It's right beside the TV that's on the wall and it really does add a pop of colour to the room.  I have the TV hooked up to my computer so that I can watch You Tube tutorials and it's brilliant!

At the next shop we visited I found a really cool gecko/lizard.  He's also made of metal and I love the bright enamel colours on his back.

For months now I've been thinking it would be nice to have all my Distress stains and paints displayed.  Partly to make them more accessible and partly to add some more colour to the room.  I've looked at several options but none of them seemed right for me.

My sister took us to a really cool shop in Napier and as I was looking around I found the PERFECT solution!  I knew as soon as I saw it that it was right for me and when I showed my sister she totally agreed.  Getting it into the car with the four of us also in there was a mission but we managed.

There was exactly enough room for all my gorgeous bottles of colour and on the bottom shelf I've got all my embossing powders along with my stickles, liquid pearls and enamel accents.  I'm using one of the drawers for my Versa cube and embossing buddies and I'm sure I'll find a use for the other two drawers.  I've also got a hook in the wall (to the right) so that I can hang my extra long rulers... super handy to have them ready and accessible.

At the same shop, I came across a big metal 'S'... Tim Holtz would love this shop!!!  The 'S' is about 12 x 12 inches and 2 inches deep.

I have it on the same wall as the printers tray I did a couple of years ago and they look great together!

Also hanging on this wall is the wall quilt I made several years ago.  I used to have it hanging in the house but I think it suits my art studio so much more.

At the other end of the wall I wanted more colour.  Several years ago... actually probably about TEN years ago... I got right into doing jig saw puzzles.  We glued several of them to backing boards with the intention of framing them.  Little did we know how much the frames were going to cost!

In the end I gave all but one to the second hand store but there was one that I just couldn't let go.  I loved the picture as well as the colour and just recently I managed to find a frame to fit it in a Farmers sale!  I did have to paint the frame to help it match into the room a bit more but I love the end result!

Right beside the doorway I've finally put the coat hook Toby gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I think I'll use it a lot as we move into the winter season.

Down by my desk I have some great shelves that Michael put up for me.  I use two of them to house my antique camera collection and I've also got a fabulous room atomizer that scents the room with vanilla... so lovely when you walk in the door and the room smells divine!

On the bottom shelf I have the cool clock I found while Michael was still making the art studio.  It was a fabulous find and actually it's quite a large clock... it stands about 12 inches tall!

While I was downstairs in my art studio yesterday I had Toby for company.  He and Nivea have got a blanket to snuggle up on and Toby was quite happily having a wee snooze.  Nivea had come for a short visit but decided she didn't want to hang out with Mumma.  I should have KNOWN something was going on because she was SO QUIET.  This is what I came upstairs to find:

Miss Nivea has had a wonderful time pulling the foam mattress from Toby's old day room apart!  Luckily we can just put all the pieces in the rubbish bag and call it done!

To finish off today's blog post, I've got a tiny bit of creativity.  I spent some time early this morning colouring some of my stamped images using the Peerless watercolours and I love how they've turned out!  Now all I need to do is turn them into a card!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog xx


  1. I would really like to come & craft in your studio. All those special personal touches make it SO you.

  2. Thanks Mary-Lou :) You'd be a very welcome visitor too! Now all I have to do is get the rest of the room sorted out LOL


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