Friday, June 3, 2016

It's all about personalisation!

Hi there :)  Since I've really been getting into my card making I decided that it was time to get a personalised stamp made to stamp the back of my cards.  I've seen lots of USA websites offering this service but I wanted something a little closer to home so I did a bit of Googling and discovered that Montarga stamps offers customisable stamps.

After viewing the HUGE range of stamps available I came up with one that I liked:

You also get to choose the font you want your stamp to have (I chose American Typewriter):
I ended up giving Montarga stamps a call to discuss a couple of options for my text and I have to say that they were SOOOO helpful!  After going over my ideas we came up with a final design and I ordered my stamp via the website.  I was even able to get my stamp un-mounted so that I could use it in my MISTI.

The following morning my stamp was on the courier!  Excellent service.  When I opened the courier bag I was greeted with a cool little parcel:

Here's my stamp:

Since I didn't want my stamp to take over I decided to use Ranger's Cool Graphite ink... it's a lovely grey... not too overpowering but not too subtle either.

I've gone through and stamped the backs of ALL the cards I've made over the past couple of months. Here's a set of cards I stamped:

I'm really happy with how the stamp turned out... and I"m super happy with the service I received!

Thank you Montarga stamps xx


  1. Wow - love this Shell - I may have to invest in a stamp - I use one I sign at the moment, but it is over a decade old and does not always stamp clearly.

    1. I totally recommend them Maxine... great service and my stamp does a really clear image every time :)

  2. Great stamp. I have a personalised one that I got from clarity stamp here in the uk, it's very handy to have. Cara x

  3. It was a very worthwhile conversation we had if lead to this awesome we stamp! The service at Montaga is fantastic. xxx


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