Friday, January 6, 2017

We've got BIG CHANGES ahead!

Hi there... and Happy New Year!

We've had a great time hanging out together and we've also done quite a lot of travels on the Harley!

First up we traveled down to Napier for Christmas:

While we were in Napier we did a little trip to Takapau:

Then we came home for a few days before heading up to Whangarei to bring in the New Year!

Here's a full overview to give you a better idea:

Whew that was a lot of kilometers!  So pleased to be home again... and my butt is happy to not be on the bike for a little while LOL

In between all of this Michael and I have also come to a major decision:

We've decided to sell my house and buy a new house together... bet some of you thought we were going to be getting married LOL

So here's the house in all it's glory... actually I think the photos are phenomenal... Ben did such a great job taking them for us!

Click HERE to see the real estate site.

Thanks so much for popping by the blog xx


  1. What a lovely house!! Love your craft area. All the best for the sale and purchase.

    1. Thanks Maxine :) It will definitely be difficult to find a craft area that's quite this nice.

  2. Exciting times, positive times. Your home looks so inviting & oh I felt a twinge about you leaving that fantastic craft space Michael created for you, but it just means he had practice to perfect the next one! Cannot wait to see the new house.

    1. Thanks Mary-Lou :) I'm definitely going to miss my wonderful crafty space... but Michael has assured me that he will make me a new one!


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