Tuesday, July 25, 2017

From one end of the country to the other!

Well it's been a hell of a week for the past seven days... and there's still no baby... but she's 'almost' here!

Last Wednesday night I was down in Invercargill with Mikayla and feeling a little sad that baby hadn't arrived yet as I was booked to go back to Rotorua on Thursday morning.  Unfortunately babies do not have wee calendars and seem totally determined to do things in their own sweet time.

As we were settling into our last evening together I got a phone call that I REALLY wasn't expecting... my Dad had been involved in an accident and was in Intensive Care.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words:
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So there I was... down in Invercargill... awaiting the birth of my first grandbaby... and Dad's in Intensive Care at the other end of the country.  That was just a little too much drama for me!  As I said earlier, I was already booked to fly back to Rotorua the next morning... which I did... and I stayed for one night to catch up with Michael, Toby and Nivea... as well as to have a family dinner with one of my sisters'... her three girls... and our Mum.  The next morning Krystal and I headed off to Whangarei by car.

  • Invercargill to Christchurch flight distance 464 kilometers (288 miles)
  • Christchurch to Rotorua flight distance 673 kilometers (418 miles)
  • Rotorua to Whangarei drive distance 384 kilometers (239 miles)
We finally arrived in Whangarei at 2.30pm to find Dad was still in recovery so we went and booked into our motel.  We came back at 5.30... still in recovery... so we went and had dinner with one of my old school friends.  We came back at 7.30... and he was STILL in recovery.  Thankfully he got back from there just before 8pm and we were able to see and talk to him for a little while.

He's done himself quite a lot of injuries... leg broken in three places which required surgery to put a pin in it to stabilise it... along with a cracked skull and a brain bleed!  He's also got multiple bruises, swelling and soreness. 

Krystal and I stayed in Whangarei until Sunday and spent lots of time sitting with Dad/Grandad before we had to get back to Rotorua for the start of school yesterday.  The whole time we were also keeping in touch with Mikayla at the other end of the country with nothing new to report.

Mikayla went into the hospital yesterday morning for an induction but it was very slow going and baby really didn't want to make an appearance.  Mikayla was able to get a little sleep last night which is just as well because she's currently in labour... her waters have broken and she's having a baby!!!

They say that good things take time and this wee grandbaby is going to be worth the wait! 

Take care and remember to tell your loved ones how much you love them... hearing (and saying) those words is SO important! xx


  1. Oh Shell my heart goes out to you - that is one stressful time and no holiday at all. I do hope things pick up soon and that wee girl brings so much joy into your life to balance the waiting and your Dad's trauma (and yours)
    {{{{{Hugs}}}}} and blessings

  2. I am sure baby knew it was warmer where she was, lol Gets pretty cold in Invercargill.
    It will be a long road to recovery for your Dad - no mobility scooter for him now!

  3. Oh goodness, only just seen this. I hope you Dad makes a good and speedy recovery x


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