Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm a Nana!!

Welcome to the world Miss Chloe Anne Honig-Rea xx

Just after I published my post last night I got a phone call from Mikayla to say that Chloe had been born... she was literally three minutes old at the time!  Mikayla did really well and was justifiably proud of herself... no epidural either!

Chloe Anne Honig-Rea
25th July 2017
8lb 6oz

Mikayla was actually 8lb 6oz when she was born as well!  Miss Chloe also shares a birthday with her big cousin Aidan.

Krystal is very excited about being an Auntie and of course there were lots of family phone calls last night to announce Chloe's arrival.  I'm sure 'Great Grandma' would like me to mention that she knitted the hat (with handmade flower adornment) Miss Chloe is 'show casing' in these photos.

I also phoned my Dad who was so pleased to find out he's now a Great Grandfather.

I've heard Miss Chloe over the phone and she's definitely got a good set of lungs on her... and I think she looks a lot like her Mummy did when she was born.  

Doing a little Nana dance this morning and can't keep the grin off my face... have a great day xx


  1. Our gorgeous Baby has arrived. Congratulations to all. A "first" in the new way of life for so many of us. Mummy, Auntie, Nana, Great-Grandma. WOW

  2. Oh my! She is simply gorgeous! Congratulations Nana Shelly. xx

  3. So glad for you all that the wait is over and Chloe has made her appearance, and all is well - she looks gorgeous, and congrats to Great grandma for the beautiful hat :-)

  4. Congrats Mikayla and Chris so pleased Miss Chloe has finally arrived. Congrats to Nana and Great Grandma. xxxxx

  5. Congratulations to all. Miss Chloe looks perfect in every way & already she's rocking the hat ...she's one lucky little girl to have a scrapping Nana - oh the pages & the albums that will be made! ... Mary-Lou =^..^=


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