Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 6 :)

Well we're onto Day 6 of the project and it's been a bit of a mixture today. We started off the morning going down to Bunnings for a few more supplies. This time it was stain for the fences, fibro for the bottom of the house - you'll see why in a minute... and brushes, washes etc We also went to see the lovely man at the concrete place and I've picked out exactly what I wanted so now we need to get on with the rest of it so that we can actually get the concrete in!
Once we got home it was off with the old fibro from around the bottom of the house. It had a few holes in it and we decided that since we're doing up the whole area it would be easier to do the fibro now rather than later. I have to admit that it's a GREAT way to get out you frustrations and I was having such a good time doing it that Dave left me to it!

While I was busy Dave got stuck in with the builders line (and it is a very cool pink) and some spray paint (I picked the purple because it looked so cool LOL) and marked out where the posts are going. He's started digging out the post holes and lets just say that it has been a VERY hot day here so they're not finished yet.This afternoon we decided to take some time off to enjoy the weather so we took the girls out to Hannah's Bay for a swim in the lake... and I left the camera at HOME!!! I've been so caught up in taking progress photos that I didn't even think to take the camera LOL

We got back and Dave was exhausted so he's watching a video but I was feeling a bit frustrated with the progress so I decided to test out the new fence colours on the deck. I LOVE them!!! Even Mikayla and Krystal thought they looked good... in fact Mikayla said that the deck is started to look 'sophisticated'... thanks for that Mikayla cause it made me feel awesome! Here's a sneaky look at the colours:

It's a little hard to tell from the photos but the colours really bring out the grain of the wood and my Yuccas look absolutely fantastic up against the deck fencing now :)

Can't wait to get back into it tomorrow now :) Thank you to everyone that is making comments... and thanks Mum for your emails!!! Here's a snippet of the email Mum sent me last night (just loved it!) Oh... My........Stars. Look what you have done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's absolutely amazing.

p.s. Dinner last night was fantastic... it was so nice to get cleaned up and I even put on some make up and blow waved my hair (it definitely doesn't happen very often!). The food and service were both excellent and when we couldn't finish our meal they made up a 'doggie bag' so that we could take it home to the girls... they loved it too! Plus we went for a wander around the lakefront so it was a really lovely evening :)


  1. More excellent progress! And WOW I just love the fence colours!! Makes such a HUGE difference and I bet when it is finished your deck is going to look like one from a magazine!

  2. WOW it's looking so good Shell. I'm loving the way you've done the deck railing and it sounds like you had a lovely dinner out too!

  3. wow, I haven't been to your blog for a few weeks, and man, what a busy bee you've been. It just looks so amazing, and I'll bet you are feeling very proud now, imagine what it's going to be like finished, can't wait to see.


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