Friday, January 11, 2008

It's been a week!

Well it's the end of the first week and today saw some real progress!!! We took a HUGE load of rubbishy bits of wood, weeds and more ivy roots to the landfill this morning and Dave did a big clean up so it's not looking quite so bad here now. Then we went down to Bunnings for a few more supplies... they love me there :)
Dave and Krystal have been putting on the new fibro and it's looking really good. We've already bought the vents so they'll go in soon. Going on the laughter I've heard coming from that side of the house I'm guessing the putting fibro on a house must be lots of fun LOL The biggest problem was making sure we didn't end up with one of the cats stuck under the house!

Then Dave finished putting up the back of one part of the retaining wall. We recycled some of the old posts and timber from one of the fences and the pungas I bought are going to go in front of them to hide it all away. We've backfilled it with some of the soil from the post holes and it all seems really solid now :)We've organised a concrete mixer for tomorrow (thanks Graeme!) so we went and got some builders mix... when I went to pay for it they told me they didn't do EFTPOS and I NEVER carry cash so we came to a deal where I drop them off a box of Waikato next week and everyone is happy :) Did I mention they're really nice guys at the concrete place???Meanwhile I have been busy staining the rest of the deck! So far I've almost finished doing the 'inside' of the deck... I've only got 3 more sections to do and I'll do that as soon as I've finished doing this post... then I've got to find a way to do the 'outside' which is where we're run into a little snag... the deck is above a double garage so it's quite high and hiring scaffolding is really EXPENSIVE!!! So we're trying to come up with another solution... especially since I'm not keen to go up a ladder and hang on with a pail of stain and a brush in my hands!Thank you to everyone who commented on the colours I'm using... they're called Liquid Amber and Charcoal. In the sunlight the Liquid Amber looks really amazing but the sun was almost off the deck by the time I took this photo. My poor old bbq table looks really unloved now!

Well it's time for me to get back into it... but I'll leave you with this comment Mum sent me last night: Well now......... What does one say??????????????
The Pink line and the purple marker are just so YOU Darling!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely divine. Now I really have lost the plot.
Yep I think you might have Mum! :)


  1. Wow, I am just loving these daily installments! It's like I'm living vicariously through you, because my deck and garden are in serious need of some TLC and a bit of makeover themselves ... but I lack the time, energy & money to do it!

    LOL at the concrete/beer trade. Ya gotta love the building industry blokes (I can say this because hubby works in the industry, he's an aluminium joiner) ... beer is like gold to them!! ROFL!

  2. WOaaaaaaa what a lot of work you've done while I was on holiday time. Amazing transformations and I just love the deck colour with the green yucca!


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