Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There is no more!!!

No more grapes... No more ivy... No more dripping taps... No more fences... and almost no more retaining wall!!!
Let's start with the taps... We finally got them installed last night without using the bottom nuts due to a fault with the taps but the lovely man rang me this morning and he's put some new taps on the courier so hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. Here's what they looked like before with the 'sinister' dripping tap on the left:And here's my lovely new taps! I really like them... they look really groovy and best of all they're easy to turn off and on :) PLUS I've got a mixer now so I can have cold, hot and warm water!
Ok, on to the ivy and the grapes... we had a heck of a morning pulling out the rest of it but we finally found the sources of the plants and pulled them out. Check out the roots on this one!

The only problem with you pull out something like this you end up with BIG HOLES!!!But as you can see we now have something much more workable and once the retaining wall has been rebuilt it will look great. I'm going to paint the iron fence once we get everything else done too :)

By the time we got all that done it was time for a quick lunch and then back off to the green waste dump. The ladies who run the place really are wonderful... they've always got a smile for you and in a funny way I'm going to quite miss going out to see them. From here on in we'll have to go to the landfill site and they're not nearly as nice over there :(

After we emptied the trailer it was back to Bunnings for nails, bolts, cement and POSTS! I have to admit that it was a good bit of retail therapy because it means that we really are making progress! Once we got home we ripped down ALL of the old fencing... my poor neighbour had a bit of a heart attack until we explained that we are actually going to put up a brand new fence LOL The kids next door go to my school and they've been keeping a pretty close eye on the happenings across the fence!

We've kept the palings from the driveway fence because they were in really good condition and I spent some time denailing them... not the quickest job in the world when some of them had up to 18 nails per paling!Luckily for us NONE of the old posts were concreted in so they've all come out quite easily and they're now sorted out and ready to go on the trailer and off to the dump... and see Mum I DO tidy up!!! LOLI'm really looking forward to tomorrow because we're all ready to get stuck in and make some real progress but in the meantime I'm off for a much needed shower and then Dave and I are going out to our favourite Indian restaurant for dinner YUM!!!


  1. Wow ... this is neat, seeing your progess everyday! Can't wait to see tomorrow's pics!

    Enjoy your much-deserved dinner out :-)

  2. Wow you sure have been working hard. And it is all looking so good, can't wait to see the final pic's It is like watching mucking in except it is only a couple of people doing all the work.

    Wnjoy a well deserved indian dinner!

  3. If the posts etc are in good condition you may find someone would like them rather than dumping them. Try freecycle?

    You've been so productive! Great work. :)

  4. WOW Shell what a difference, well done girl this is fantastic !!!

    It is going to be so great when you are done OMG.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner :)


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