Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 9 - Time for a break!

We decided yesterday that we would take a break for the day. There were a couple of frayed tempers at times yesterday - mostly mine and Dave's! Plus I had to make a trip to Hamilton this afternoon to drop off the girls... they're off to spend a week with their Dad and they were both really excited to see him. Apart from a 1 hr visit back in October they haven't seen him since April 2007 so they've been looking forward to this for ages. They love spending time with their Dad and step-mum as well as seeing their little sister (7) and brother (almost 5).

Dave left after lunch as well to spend the night at his Dad's place so I've got the whole house to myself!!! I've got a couple of scrapbooking projects running around in my head so I'm hoping to get something happening in the scrap room tonight.... and I can have whatever I want for dinner!!! Do Ferrero Rocher's count as a food group??? Don't even answer that Mum!!!

After my comment that making concrete was a bit like mixing a cake I got this: Next time I come to your house, I will make and bring my own cake. Sod eating yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus I had to share this snippet from my little sister (Kate's) email: Have finally managed to get on line and check out your blogs and all I have to say is that the house and property look frecking great!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely relaxing Sunday and I'll catch you up on the progress tomorrow :)


  1. It really is looking awesome. Keep up the great work!

  2. Looks great Shell, and I guess the break is well deserved! I hope you can have some "you" time this week!! Would be nice don't you think? And eh, Ferrero is good for any time of the day so why not supper:-))


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