Saturday, January 12, 2008

We've got posts!

Lots and lots of posts LOL There's 14 in total and we've had a really busy day making concrete, lining up the posts and getting everything straight and level but we've done it!

Krystal has been holding posts for Dave and learning to NOT stand on the pretty pink string line! The poor neighbours were probably sick to death of us by the time we'd finished because the concrete mixer was the noisiest one in the world! I've been learning to make concrete and I actually had a good time spading in builders mix and concrete and adding water until I had it just right... it's a bit like making a cake actually :)Then we did a bit of a clean up and took the concrete mixer back! It's a really nice feeling to be able to see this project progressing after all the destruction of the past week!!!My biggest question now is: Why does construction take so much LONGER than destruction???

And I'm going to finish with another snippet from Mum's email last night... this one is regarding staining the other side of the deck fencing: Other than a really tall ladder. a sky hook or learning to absail I don't have a suggestion on how to over come the deck problem. Thanks Mum!!! Since when did you get such a great sense of humour (especially at my expense!)??? She also had some 'interesting' suggestions regarding a 'cat door' as well as a couple of young men that have been wanting to 'help' us... I don't think 'dangling them over the decking' is such a good option somehow Mum... but thanks for the suggestion! LOL

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  1. Looking great!
    You're right about construction taking much longer than destruction! It's a bit depressing but the end result will be soooo worth all the effort!


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