Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a really proud Mum :)

Well, Krystal has done it again!!! She had her final day of learning at school last Thursday and then on Friday it was prizegiving. She had been told that she was receiving an award and my boss was awesome and gave me some time off to go up to the high school to watch.

The list of names being called out was quite a bit shorter than last year... I guess as the kids get older that happens and once again I sat in the hall with lots of other parents waiting to hear Krystal's name get called out.

While I was waiting I heard the name of her rival get announced for two awards. Krystal and this boy have been neck and neck in business studies all year. They are extremely competitive with each other and this was my first chance to see what he looked like. Despite Krystal's descriptions he is very normal looking!! LOL He absolutely doesn't have two heads and I certainly couldn't see 'his ego walking along beside him'. You can see what I mean about rivalry!

Then they announced the recipients of three awards and Miss Krystal's name got called out! She received: Excellence in Science, Excellence in English & Excellence in Accounting :) And here's a photo of my lovely girl with her awards:

Miss Mikayla also got in on the act this year and was asked to be an Usher for the ceremony. She brought home the 'dress uniform' which I hadn't seen before and I really liked it :) Here's she is all dressed up with an important job to do:And when Mum saw the next photo she really thought Mikayla might enjoy working in the army one day... and now Mikayla's done a whole heap of research and decided that it's the career for her!It was definitely a proud Mum day for me :) Watching both my girls do their thing and look lovely doing it was quite huge. It also reminded me that their time at home is rapidly coming to an end so I only hope I've given them the skills they need to venture out into the world on their own.

In other news... Scrapfest is moving ahead nicely! If you haven't heard about it yet then the blog link is HERE. We've all been busy ordering in new stock to arrive in time for this event and there's going to be quite a lot happening during this weekend.

If you haven't got your tickets yet then make sure you check out the blog for all the details because it's going to be a lot of fun!

There are also a couple of challenges happening on Scrapbook Dreams at the moment: the November challenge is to create something Off The Page (ie NOT a layout) that could be given as a Christmas gift, or a decoration etc and the currently weekly challenge is to create a Christmas card. Click HERE to check out all the details!

Hope you're all having a great week :)


  1. You are sooo allowed to be a proud Mum. Congratulations Krystal on the awards. As for the army I have a daughter who wants to go into the navy - apparently its her passion! LOL

  2. Excellent! Well done to Krystal

  3. Well done to both your girls for making you such a proud mum! My daughter also plans to go into the army, as a riffleman if you please!!!

  4. Well done to Krystal ... three subjects, that's awesome! Had a giggle about the rival boy looking normal. Keep being proud of your girls. :o)

  5. Well done Krystal!!

    The rival boy at my school was the ultimate geek!

  6. Well done to both of your girls, and you so deserve to be a proud Mum and enjoy that moment.

  7. Hi there,

    It was a long time since last time. Now I need some inspiration to find something fun to create for christmas. Not only as a present – to dekorate my home to.

    Have a great end of november


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