Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First sneak peeks!

Hi everyone :)

The weeks are zooming by and it’s only 25 days until the Bugs & Butterflies Scrap Retreat!

Today I’ve got the first sneak peeks of one of the layout classes.  I had such a blast creating them and I’m dying to show you the full layouts but I’ll just have to wait until after the retreat!

Layout class 1 (2)The layouts were created with My Mind’s Eye paper from the Lost & Found collection and there will also be Prima flowers, Tim Holtz journaling tags, mesh ribbon and sealing wax!

It’s going to be a GREAT class!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We’ve been cleaning!!

I bet lots of you were surprised by this title…. you must know me too well!  I’ve always had a fairly loose relationship with housework… I go through DAYS of being tidy but it is usually followed by WEEKS/MONTHS of being untidy… but I think I’ve finally cracked it now :)

Last weekend Mikayla and I got stuck in and started to clean… not just tidy up but REALLY clean!  We vacuumed, dusted, polished, wiped, scrubbed and de-cluttered for 7 hours!  By the end of the day we felt ‘cleaned out’ but it was SO worth it!

Here’s the toilet… and yes I know it’s just like any other toilet LOL  But this has been scrubbed from top to bottom (including the door) and the wall paper that Miss Leila picked has been re-glued:IMG_0578 Then we moved onto the hall and then the lounge… how cool is this:IMG_0576We emptied the fire place of most of the ashes, dusted, vacuumed, did the window sills and skirting boards!IMG_0577 Both of the sofas had their cushions removed and vacuumed, the table was polished to within an inch of its life and the bookshelf and corner table both got dusted!IMG_0579 Next we got into the TV cabinet and sorted it out and then we moved the stereo off the kitchen bench and put it in a more useable place :)

We also cleaned up the dining room which is now my office…. it’s too cold to be in the craft room… especially when there’s a roaring fire in the lounge!IMG_0581 There’s still things to sort out there but the majority of it is done… and working well :)

The next job was the KITCHEN!  We have finally done away with the ‘stuff’ that was cluttering up the benches!!!IMG_0582 If you’ve ever been to my house you’ll remember that we used to have very little bench space because most of it was covered with piles of things… junk basically…. but no more!IMG_0583

This bench looks so much better with no stereo on it!  And no stereo means no clutter surrounding the stereo LOLIMG_0584 I just love this photo with my new ‘best friend’ Jif!  I’d forgotten just how amazing this stuff is… it certainly took a lot of the effort out of the cleaning!

And finally the fridge door:IMG_0585 Even the magnets have been cleaned and scrubbed!

We’ve been living in our newly cleaned house for a week now… and I’m very happy to report that those photos could have easily been taken today because it’s still SPOTLESS!!

So now I’m off to do some ‘fun things’ since the housework has all been done :)  Hope you all have a fab weekend xx

Monday, August 9, 2010

Alphabet Day at School :)

On Friday it was alphabet day at school and every class was assigned a letter. Room 3 got the letter ‘D’ and so we came up with some ideas of things we could dress up as… and we’re currently learning about Dinosaurs so it was a great letter for us!

Here’s a photo of some of the kids in my class who dressed up for the day:Room 3 We had a couple of girls who dressed up as Daniel Carter, a Digger Driver, a DJ, a Devil, a few Dancers and some Drag Queens LOL

And if you’re wondering about my outfit… I was a Dancing Dictionary:Dancing Dictionary

Let me just say that Kleensaks really don’t do anything for the figure!!

Here are some of my ‘Drag Queens’… they each got themselves several stars on their charts for having the guts to go through with it!Boys or girls After morning tea my team (4 classes) all got together and had a mini fashion parade:Kauri blue And while I was looking at the photos on the school server I came across a photo of myself that I didn’t know had been taken…Whaea Shelley It’s not often that I like a photo of me but this one doesn’t bother me too much… which is just as well because my class have been making photo mosaics and this photo has been used a lot!

On a side note… we were talking about winning Lotto in our class today and the kids asked me if I would still be there teacher if I won Lotto… I replied that I would probably not be…. and one of my ‘darlings’ said…. Well in that case it’s a good job that you didn’t win!!! You gotta love kids sometimes!

Hope you all have a great week :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

What a busy weekend!

Well this weekend turned out to be even busier than I had expected!  Friday night and most of Saturday was taken up with Miss Krystal getting ready for the school ball… and it was totally worth it because she looked absolutely amazing!!!

When she went down to the hairdressers in the afternoon she was met with a wee present from me… her corsage and the buttonhole for Chris:corsage2I was really impressed because the red was absolutely perfect! 

Here’s Krystal’s hair… although they don’t really show up she actually had lots of pearls pinned in as well as some really fine black glitter was which very sparkly :)hairChris turned up looking very grown up with the tie to match Krystal’s dress:Chris Chris and his Mum found time for a quick laugh while they were waiting for Krystal:chris & liz And here’s Miss Krystal:Krystal 3She made her own dress and jewellery as well as the wrap so she did a fantastic job!

Chris looked pretty proud of her too:IMG_0493 There was a pre-ball event including ‘mocktails’ and all the parents were invited… it was also a great opportunity to see what the other girls were wearing:the girls Krystal and Chris had a brilliant night and were very tired but happy on Sunday!

I spent Sunday over at Waihi Beach teaching a scrapbooking class for the Young Artists group.  I was expecting around 8 children…. but 17 turned up!IMG_0525

We made easel cards and the kids had a wonderful time stamping, punching, tearing, inking, gluing and designing!

Here’s most of their cards: IMG_0532

The kids were all thrilled with their creativity and of course as the tutor that’s what we all like to hear!

I hope you all have a great week… Shell xx