Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12th


Last week Ashley gave me an UGLY table that he didn’t want in his classroom.

On the weekend I got to thinking about how to make it ‘pretty’ but nothing really came to mind.

Today I had three boys with too much energy so I gave them all sanding blocks and set them to work.

When they were busy I found a large set of chess pieces and that’s when inspiration struck/

We planned and measured out a chess board and got painting!  The boys attention to detail wasn’t that great so Matua Norm and I carried on with it.  Now we’ve got a pretty table that’s functional as well!

Photo page:  Take one UGLY table… add some paint and creativity and it’s better than new!

Ashley has been watching what we’ve been doing with the table and I pretty much knew what was coming next… he thinks the table would look GREAT back in his classroom!  Unfortunately for Ashley that just isn’t going to happen :)

p.s. Matua is a bit like ‘uncle’… Matua Norm is the teacher aide in my classroom and a large reason why I’m still relatively sane at the end of the school year!

p.p.s. It was Pirate Day at school… hence the hat, long hair and earring LOL

Wishing you lots of creativity xxx


  1. Wow! Table looks great Shell! I bet, if you ever do this again, you will paint the whole top white fist, then add the black. LOL

  2. I have to say - what an absolutely awesome idea ...


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