Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 13th


As much as I’ve been looking forward to the end of the school year I haven’t been looking forward to packing up my classroom!

Once all the kids artwork came down off the walls it started to feel bare and “unloved”.

Now the kids have taken all their books home, their desks have been scrubbed and cleaned and their portfolios of work have all gone home.

The desks and chairs are all stacked and we’re “living” on the mat area!

Of course all the routines have flown out the window and the kids are a bit ‘loose’.

On the flip side… it’s the first time for a few years when I’m not moving classrooms as well!

For the past few years I’ve had to move classrooms so on top of all the ‘regular’ stuff I’ve also had to physically move all my stuff as well.  This year it all feels so much easier somehow :)

Happy scrapping xx

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  1. The classroom looks great - all ready for a good 6 week rest from noisy kids!


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