Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 14th


Today was our last WHOLE day at school.  We’ve still got a half day tomorrow… but we thought we’d celebrate early.

Krystal took me to a Turkish Kebab place and she did all the ordering… then the food arrived!

She’d ordered lamb for me… VERY tasty… and chicken for herself.  Then 10 minutes later another plate of food arrived!  It was a HUGE ‘tasting platter’ to share.

Although I did my best there was just no way I was even going to make a dent in it so we got a MASSIVE doggie bag to take home.

It was so nice to have a quiet meal together and share our ideas, thoughts and opinions.  Thanks Krystal for a GREAT time out.

Ever since Krystal started working she’s enjoyed taking me out for little treats… and I love it too!  We often go shares when we go out but every now and then one of us decides to treat the other.

She’s got some MAJOR things happening in her life at the moment (and early next year)… good things… but still quite a lot to take in.  It was really nice to be able to sit and talk about her hopes for next year and get a feel for how she’s doing.

Happy scrapping xx

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