Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 22nd


Today we went to Hamilton to help Krystal find a unit for her and Chris to live in next year.  We travelled all over the place looking at one unit after another… and it’s amazing how much rent people want for a dingy, damp little place!

Finally after much looking we came across one place that Krystal liked… and it was really nice.

Meanwhile Toby had been very patiently putting up with us getting in and out all day so we went to the dog park.

He LOVED it!  All the new smells, doggy friends, and space to run around.  He played for ages and even went in the water on his own for the first time!  He wore himself out!  He’s one happy boy!

Toby really likes going in the car… and he’d actually prefer being ‘stuck’ in the car for a long time than being left at home by himself.

We’ve been to the Hamilton dog park a couple of times and each time he’s loved it.  We’ve seen up to 25 unleashed dogs there at a time and there’s never been any fights or problems.  It’s like going to a school where all the kids play nicely :)

Happy scrapping xx

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