Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 23rd


In late November I asked both the girls if we could all put the tree up together this year.  I’d already bought a few new ‘vintage’ ornaments for the tree and I had grand visions of us threading popcorn and singing carols together.

But now the weeks have flown by.  Krystal won’t be home until New Years Eve and Mikayla is working until 11pm most nights.  So now there won’t be a tree for 2011.

Never mind, I made an ‘ornament tree’ on the coffee table this morning.  Maybe next year Toby and I can do the tree together!

I love vintage things… my coffee table was originally a dining room table so it’s really BIG and solid wood.  Over the years I’ve slowly bought vintage bits and pieces and now it’s time for the Christmas tree to get the vintage makeover… except that it’s going to have to wait until 2012.

Toby isn’t sure what’s going on… but he has picked up on the excitement of Christmas.  He knows that Mumma is home everyday… and he LOVES that! 

Happy scrapping xx

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