Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 24th


Today has been all about baking!  Last night I made another set of gingerbread house pieces and they came out beautifully.

It smells like a lollie shop here… between the cookie dough, icing, sprinkles, and lollies there’s a fog of sugar!

I made all the kids their own set of cookies as a present from Toby.  Motorbikes for Aidan, Watering cans for Leila, Cars for Reece, Ice cream cones for Sammy, Handprints for Jessy and Houses for Kody.

Then it was onto the house!  Lollies galore and plenty of icing.  I even used one of my new icing tips to make grass for a more ‘kiwi’ house!

Toby has discovered that he REALLY likes uncooked gingerbread dough!  The other day Krystal accidently dropped some dough on the floor and old ‘gannet guts’ grabbed it and devoured it in seconds!

While I was making my gingerbread house Toby was constantly at my feet hoping for a wee treat!

Happy Holidays xxx

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  1. love your house, especially the roofs! and that made each child different shaped cookies! thanks for sharing your pages.


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