Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 4 plus some changes

I got quite a shock when I put this weeks page together… and so did Mikayla!  We had no idea that we’d done so much during the week… that’s another good thing about this project :)

Here’s my full spread for the week:Full_1

If you’d seen the lounge and dining room last Sunday you would have been SHOCKED!!  I know Mum was!  With daughters moving in and moving out again… things left behind and some of my own school stuff here the place had turned into a real TIP!!  On Monday morning I asked Mikayla to help me clean up and bribed her with dinner out somewhere. 

We both got REALLY motivated and did so much including Mikayla getting under the house to move the aerial cord for the TV… I did it last time.  After taking a VERY full car to the landfill the place looked amazingly different…. and then we were too tired to go out for dinner so we had KFC for dinner instead :)

Here’s a look at the start of our week:Left_1

Mr Toby is a real poser for the camera!  All he has to hear is the familiar little sound it makes when it turns on and he comes running.  But on Tuesday I’m absolutely positive that he WINKED at me!!  Here’s a close up so you can see for yourself:Toby winking

On Tuesday my friend Sheree came over from Katikati and we did some digital scrapbooking stuff but I forgot to get the camera out… NEXT time Sheree!!! LOL

The second half of the week has been just as busy… Mr Toby has totally DESTROYED one of my books… thank goodness it wasn’t a library book!  We’ve been to Holden’s Bay for a play and then on Thursday the brand new (and quite expensive) ‘Toby House’ arrived.  Mr Toby has made it quite clear that HE’S not going in it!!Right_1

On Friday I had my Teacher Only day and Mikayla was working so we put Toby outside much to his disgust.  It started POURING with rain after lunch and when I got home was he in the Toby House???  Ah… NO!!!  He was sitting on the back door step (about 1 metre away from the Toby House) absolutely DRENCHED!!!  Silly Boy!

For now Toby is having his breakfast and dinner in the Toby House and he really stretches his body to reach his food without having to go in.  The photos of him IN the house we’re done on ‘sports mode’ which was lucky because he only stayed in there about 15 seconds!!

All is not lost though because Miss Brandy has decided that it’s the PURR-FECT place for her to sleep and best of all she knows that Toby isn’t going to bother her there!

For my ‘creative’ piece this week I used some Tim Holtz Kraft Resist and inked it up before layering it with some cardstock.  Then I added the date and some foam brackets and the number 4:Creativity_1

And now for some changes…  I’ve been teaching myself how to use Photoshop Elements… and I’m making good progress… so I’ve made 5 little changes to my Project Life album.  I bought Becky Higgins small journaling cards and I really do like them… but every time I flicked back on my pages ‘something’ was bothering me… and it was the rounded corners on the cards.  PLUS although I quite like my handwriting it just didn’t seem to be ‘right’ for my album so I’ve changed the 3 x 4 cards that I did using the journaling cards.

Here’s the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots:IMG_5433_1IMG_5434_1IMG_5435_1IMG_5437_1

And he’s my favourite one… LOVE the little stick figure!


So that’s been my week… lots of different things happening.  We’ve got Auckland Anniversary holidays this weekend so we don’t start school until Tuesday… but for now I’m off to school to do some final organisation for next week.

I hope you all have a great weekend xx


  1. Oh yeah - he's winking. LOL. Ours won't go in his house either and would rather sit on the doorstep until we got home. Liking your PL and if you prefer the type written over your handwriting then just go for it - after all its your album. :)

  2. Looking REALLY good Shell! Loving your Project Life! I would do it too, if I had one (a life that is), lol. xoxo

  3. I love your hand writting. Your album is looking good, its so nice to see what everyone else is doing with their album and what they like and dont like.


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