Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Log Your Memory: Week 6

The Log your Memory theme for February is ‘Personal Style’ which, quite frankly, daunts me because I don’t know how much style I have! However after going through some OLD photo albums I’ve been able to do this weeks prompt which is makeovers, hairstyles, manicures etc

I’m sure some of you are going to get a bit of a shock with these photos because you’ve always known me to have long hair… but the reality is that I’ve spent the majority of my life as a ‘short hair’ person.

Here’s this weeks layout:Week 6

When I was three years old my sister was born (I’m the eldest of three girls) and the day before my sister had her christening I disappeared for a while… all was quiet… and then I reappeared minus ONE pigtail! My poor Mum nearly had kittens!!! Of course she had to cut the other one off as well to even it all up.

There is the odd photo of me after that with ‘top of the shoulder’ length hair but mostly it’s short. When I was in the 5th form I had actually grown it out a little bit and perms were all the fashion so I decided to get my hair permed… BAD choice… VERY BAD choice! I went to a proper hairdresser and when I got home it was pretty curly… much more than I was expecting. Over the next 24 hours my hair started to BREAK OFF!!! Within 2 days I had SPIKES!! Not what a timid 15-16 year old with glasses really wants!

The funny thing was I really grew to like the spikes… in fact I used to get Mum to cut it every fortnight on a Saturday night and then I’d dye it! That stayed my look for a few years. The spikes had obviously gone a bit ‘flat’ in this photo!2

When I got engaged (I’d just turned 18!) I decided to grow my hair for the wedding. After a couple of years it had grown out quite a lot and was again down to my shoulders. Then, THREE DAYS before the wedding I got it all cut off again and trust me it was SHORT! The spikes on top were no more than 1.5 inches and the back was a ‘number 2’!

My sister picked me up from the hairdressers and I remember her exact words… “Oh God…. Mum’s going to KILL you!!! That night we had a ‘girls only’ dinner at a local restaurant. I walked in with my newly cut hair and saw the reaction on my Mum’s face… her eyes glistened and the look said “What have you DONE!!!!” But to her credit… or maybe she was just REALLY angry… she never said a word! I look back on those wedding photos now and still love the short hair.4

I grew it out a bit after that and my hair was around my shoulders again when Mikayla was born and then my marriage ended. One day in a fit of anger and depression I went to the hair dresser and got a BOWL cut… what the hell was I thinking??? Never, never, never a good look as the photo shows!3

Since then I’ve had it varying lengths but never actually long until in my late 30’s I decided to grow it ‘just a bit’… and the more I grew it the more I liked it.

For the past two years I’ve been going to the hairdresser EVERY six weeks. I have it layered because my hair is REALLY thick and it gets heavy. I’ve been getting foils done too and I actually take pretty good care of it. Untitled-1 copy I love that it makes me feel more feminine to have long hair… I love that I can achieve lots of different ‘looks’ with just hair ties and clips… and I love that on a ‘bad hair day’ there is always the pony tail option!

So that’s it… for me, it’s not ‘just’ hair!

I’m not going to ask anything deep and meaningful like “What does your hair say about you?” but if you feel like sharing some styling tips or hairdresser nightmares I’d love to hear them!

Have a great week xx


  1. great reading Shell. I really love the short hair xx

  2. Oh wow short hair!!! I have trouble when people ask me about my style because I don't think I have one at all. LOL. I hate going to the hairdresser and could think of a 1000 other ways to spend that money but I am getting better. LOL

  3. Awww this is brilliant you sure have had some interesting cuts over the years.. I agree with you now though your hair is looking awesome and so are you..TFS this..

  4. LOL - you rebel you! I have looked at the photo's over and over and I think I am finally convinced that I like it long. You will get some giggles from this page, that's for sure. xoxo


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