Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Life: Week 5

This has been a very full week… but not quite as many photo opportunities.  We went back to school on Tuesday and I’m pleased to say that I’ve got a really nice class… it’s so nice to actually be able to ‘teach’ again instead of doing mostly behaviour management.

Here’s my full spread for the week:Full_1

I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning out all the clutter in my classroom last Sunday… and by the end of it I had 5 LARGE rubbish bags and two BIG boxes to go to the landfill.  I work well for ‘rewards’ so I promised myself that if I got everything done I could buy myself some new clothes for school. 

I’m not really all that interested in fashion but I came away from the shops with some really lovely work clothes and only ONE item that was black!!

Here’s the left side of the spread:Left_1

I’ve also decided that this year I’m going to have flowers on my desk.  It’s been so nice to sit there in the afternoon marking kids work and smell the gorgeous flowers :)

The poor blinded lion in the bottom right photo belongs to Mr Toby.  He used to ‘love’ his lion on a regular basis IYKWIM… mostly at 7pm on a Friday night!  Since he’s had his wee operation he’s not so much into the whole ‘loving’ thing and he’s taken to de-stuffing his lion.  We find little bits of stuffing and fluff all over the place.  This week Toby managed to remove the eyes, including the large shanks, from lion so now he really has been ‘blinded by love’!

Here’s the right side of the spread:Right_1

Poor Toby has done it really hard this week.  He’s resisted me going to work EVERY morning and in fact he spent about 3 HOURS sitting on my bed and looking out the window on Tuesday just waiting for me to come home.

I’ve been so busy this week with school, Scrapbook Dreams and other things that Mikayla took over all the cooking and dishes for me… don’t you just love that!

On Saturday Toby and I went for a 6km walk with one of my friends from school and Toby was so excited to realise that Mumma wasn’t going to work!  We decided to go to a cafe for breakfast … eggs benedict with smoked salmon… YUM!!!  And let’s just say that I didn’t need to eat anything at all until dinner time!

I’ve been visiting Pinterest a bit lately and discovering Subway Art.  One of the ones that really appealed to me was this one:tumblr_lt559d77if1r4jmv7

I liked that it was all one font but done in different sizes and heights so I decided to give it a go myself.  It will be no surprise to you that my first piece of subway art was made for Mr Toby!  The actual piece is 8 x 12 inches and then I framed it… love how it turned out:Subway art_1

I’m not sure which wall I’m going to put it on yet but for now it’s sitting on the mantle in the lounge and it looks good there :)

And here’s my piece of creativity for the week:Creativity_1

I’ve used some Tim Holtz paper which I layered on white cardstock and then added the dates using my tiny attacher.  The letters and number were all cut out using Tim Holtz dies and then I added a wee arrow.

So that’s been my week… shopping, teaching, eating and art… and of course lots of cuddles with Toby!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend xx


  1. Love the Subway Art and poor Toby sounds like he's doing it hard LOL

  2. Wow! This weeks pages are great Shell!
    I really LOVE the subway art you created! So personal and yet so professional. You're getting just bit clever my friend. xoxo


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