Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 6

Gosh it’s been busy today! I was expecting to teach two layout classes this morning (which I actually did do) but two of the participants decided they’d like to carry on so we did another layout this afternoon! It’s been a great day though :)

Here’s my spread for this week:Full_1

I have to say that it was wonderful to have Monday at home (due to Waitangi Day). It seemed to make the week start really well and I got to spend more time with Toby and Mikayla.

Here’s the left side:Left_1

Mikayla introduced Toby to dandelions… they had so much fun together and I took a massive 90 photos in just a few minutes!!! All the photos turned out really well except for this one:sports mode copy_1

The journaling says it all really!

Mikayla decided to give Toby a bath on Monday and he LOVED it!!! She even managed to get him outside without him shaking himself inside. Then she decided to dye her hair. Toby was totally taken with what she was doing and kept sniffing at her and then sneezing… clearly he didn’t like the smell of the dye LOL

Here’s the right side:Right_1

Mikayla and I went to the night market on Thursday and had dinner while we were there. I had a BIG mussel fritter and thought that was huge until I saw Mikayla’s burger… WOW!

On Friday afternoon I took Toby to the vet to get weighed and my ‘little’ boy now weighs in at 27.8kg!!! He has grown so much! Today we got his ‘baby’ book out and looked at the difference. To give you some idea here he is when we adopted him at a mere 2.2kg:37_1

I can’t help but smile every time I look at this photo… so cute and fluffy :)

Yesterday Toby and I went over to Hamilton to visit Krystal and we had a picnic at the dog park. Such a great afternoon and Toby actually got in the river voluntarily to fetch a stick… and he did it over and over and over again! I was such a proud Mumma watching him fetch those sticks :)

And here’s my creative piece for the week:Creativity_1

I created a filmstrip of photos taken while Mikayla and Toby were playing with the dandelions and then printed them out quite small. I kept it fairly clean this week with just some stamping and a sticker strip… although I did manage to sneak some baby staples in there.

So that’s my week… still lots happening and absolutely loving doing this project!

I hope you all have a great week xx

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  1. Glad you are loving your PL album. Love hearing about the not so wee Mr Toby and LOL over him now going in the water.


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