Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Log your Memory: Weeks 18 and 19

Unfortunately I didn’t get my layout posted on the blog last week… sometimes life just gets in the way!

The May prompt for Log your Memory are all about ‘communication’… something that my family will tell you is right up my alley!!  LOL

The focus for Week 18 was phones… cell phones, landlines, texting and all those other things.

I got my first cell phone quite a few years ago now and since then I’m only on my fourth phone.  I get a new one when Telecom rings me and says it’s time to update.  I’ve never broken one, lost one or anything like that.

Mikayla has lost more cell phones in the past 12 months than I’ve ever owned… she’s left them on the bus, in other peoples cars, or simply lost them in town… how does that happen???

I could pretty much live without my cell phone… I don’t like that they can cause misunderstandings because you can’t hear the ‘tone of voice’ through a text!  I do however love talking on the landline!!!  None of my family live in Rotorua so it’s a great way for me to keep in touch with them… and there’s nothing like hearing ‘Hello Auntie’ on the other end of the line!

Here’s my phone layout:Week 18

While I was at school camp Mikayla was texting me to let me know how Toby was getting on without me and I got some pretty cool texts from her!  I’m also enjoying texting with Mum at the moment as she’s over in Australia and it’s nice to hear how her trip is going.

One thing I really like with the phones these days is ‘Caller ID’… whoever thought of that needs a medal!

Now onto Week 19 and the focus for this weeks prompt is the internet.  So many people are using the internet these days and like pretty much anything it can be used for good and bad.

Obviously I use the internet to blog… otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this at all LOL  I also check my emails, do online banking, run a website business, access stuff for school, view tutorials and get information on a regular basis.

I’ve met some really lovely people in real life who started off as ‘internet friends’… I’ve also been able to catch up with people that I’d lost contact with.

Week 19 Without the internet I would never have started the Log your Memory project because it’s all based online too.

One thing that I’ve found just isn’t really me is the ‘social networking’ sites.  I’m on Facebook but it’s not something that really interests me… unfortunately I’ve seen a few issues surrounding those sites happen at school… and some of them have caused huge problems!

However, I also saw on the news the other night, that a really bad driver was caught by the police thanks to people ringing in after seeing the call for assistance on Facebook so there are positives for it too.

Using the internet certainly brings a world of information right to your doorstep… it’s just how you use it that matters.  As I tell my kids at school… “Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.”

So that’s it from me… I hope you all have a fantastic week xx

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  1. I like the cell phone for keeping in touch with my kids away from home but not really into it. Our home phone hardly ever goes these days and when it does everyone usually thinks someone else is going to get it and then its usually too late!!! ROFL


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