Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 30

Hi everyone :)

Yep I’m a bit late tonight!  I sat down around 3pm to read a ‘couple of chapters’ of my book and somehow I lost 4 hours!!!  It’s a good book though… Your’s Faithfully by Sheila O’Flanagan

Anyway on with Project Life.  Here’s a look at this week:Full_1

It was raining again on Monday so Mr Toby (aka The Big Marshmallow) came to school with me again.  Just after morning tea they announced that the hall carpark was flooding but there was nothing I could do about it because I was teaching my class.  By lunchtime though it was getting pretty deep!  Toby was probably getting a bit worried about the water but he was quite safe (and dry) in the car.

On Monday and Tuesday afternoon this week we started the preparations for our Selwyn School Olympics which will be held this coming Wednesday.  I’ve got two groups of kids ranging from new entrants right through to Year 6 which was a mission on it’s own… I’m definitely not cut out to be a new entrant teacher!

The kids have all been put into ‘countries’ for our school event and my two groups are representing Wales and Australia so we got busy making our flags and banners.


Our class won the Tidy Kiwi award this week too!  It was awarded for our great classroom wall displays which made all of us feel pretty pleased with ourselves :)

I also had five kids involved in the first major kapahaka performance for the year.  They went down to the Rotorua Library as part of Maori Language week and they looked awesome all dressed up in their finery.  I didn’t manage to get a photo of that… but I did manage to get one of their faces all painted up!

On Thursday I was on a course for work and I wore my boots I usually wear to school.  They’ve been getting a bit worn out and I couldn’t wear them on rainy days anymore but on Thursday one of the heels pretty much gave up on me so some urgent shoe shopping was in order!


Along with everything else going on this week it was time for another rates bill… and my first one with NO OVERDUE FINES on it!  Long story but I’ve finally made it!

While I was out shoe shopping I also did a little phone shopping and now have a lovely new phone that works much better than the old one :)

On Friday, Loreen came over to stay for the night and we got lots of things done… packaged ATC’s, tidied up the dining and coffee tables and then set about organising all the accommodation and duties for the October retreat!

Then on Saturday we spent almost the whole day sorting out the ‘bombsite’ I lovingly call my craft room.  We sorted, organised and de-cluttered for several hours before we went out for lunch (top right photo) and then we came back and finished it off. 

Here’s another ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot… don’t look Mum cause you’ll be horrified at the before photo!



Thank you so much Loreen for helping me get myself organised… I really couldn’t have managed it without you!

And here’s my little bit of creativity… or in this case it’s more of a memento:


My little boy is growing up and he’s just gotten his new registration tag so I’m including his old tag in this weeks pages.

So that’s my week… busy with lots of little things and some time spent with a good friend.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend… I’m off now to see the ‘kiwis’ have a go on My Kitchen Rules!


  1. Brody and Toby could be twins with their matching red collars, new tags and we also have the wee pawprint one too. ROFL

  2. Wow don't the before and after photos look great - maybe you should have taken one of underneath the table too!! Ha Ha LOL - a good job done :)

  3. Oh My Gosh, How lucky you are to have Loreen help you, she is Awesome, Great you are on top of your rates at last, its one thing after another sometimes..


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