Sunday, August 5, 2012

Project Life: Week 31

Hi everyone :)

This week has been really good… and I’ve had an extremely productive weekend!  I’ve spent a lot of time in the newly cleaned (and still clean!) craft room using the Cameo to cut out things for school… and I’m currently working on completing 39 medals for tomorrow’s Olympic Games at school!


At the beginning of this week Mikayla took me out for dinner for the first time.  She bought tickets from her friend Jack as he was raising money for the Lakes High ball.  We had pretty good meals at Nando’s and the food came out really quickly!

We had the sofa bed pulled out on Tuesday and Mikayla and Toby snuggled up… had play fights and just generally acted like kids while I got out my camera.


I got a really wonderful email from one of my night class ladies that I included in this weeks pages too as it made me feel really appreciated as a teacher.  Thanks Chris for the email xx

At school we’ve been busy finishing off our Matariki cloak to go in the exhibition for next Friday.  It’s almost done now and the kids ‘zentangle’ feathers look really amazing now they’ve been died and cut out.

I also started using a new behaviour management idea in class that another teacher told me about.  It’s called Class DoJo and it’s having a really positive effect on the kids!

On Thursday night we had another night class and the ladies were all super impressed with the craft room… they really couldn’t believe how much space there was!


More school stuff… I’ve been reading my class The BFG and they’re really loving it.  When we finish the book we’ll watch the movie and then compare them.  I highly recommend it as a great story for kids and adults alike!

We’ve gone Olympics crazy at school this term and after seeing all the bunting around London we’ve decided to make our own for the classroom.  The kids have all designed a piece of bunting using their initials and we’re now working on our ‘good copies’.

On Saturday I was up super early (5.30am) so I got straight into making the title for my classroom display.  It’s looking really great now and I’m looking forward to getting it all up on the wall tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve also been working on creating 39 medals for our school Olympics tomorrow.  I hit a snag yesterday afternoon and since it was really cold I decided to have a mid-afternoon bath.  The best part was that by the time I’d finished in the bath I was lovely and warm AND I’d worked out how to finish off the project!


Keeping with the Olympic theme this week I cut out an Olympic torch with flames using my Cameo and then added a bit of bling. 

This afternoon has been really productive too… down at the launderette!  I managed to get all my towels and work clothes washed and dried along with my sheets… and as a BIG bonus I was able to get the mink blankets of the sofa and my bed washed and dried too!  The smell simply divine now and look like they’re brand new again!  PLUS while I was doing all the laundry I had a roast cooking in the oven so I’m feeling a little like a domestic goddess again LOL

So that’s been my week… I hope you’ve all had a great week and weekend and that you’re all safe and happy :) 

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the net xx

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  1. wow, that's up far too early in the morning, unless one is heading to the airport ... lol ...

    Must say, you've been busy ... major understatement I know.


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