Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 33

Hi everyone :)

It’s time for another instalment of the Log your Memory project… actually I’ve fallen a bit behind with it but life is like that sometimes.

This week the prompt was all about your backyard and the exterior of your home.   When I bought my house I had a big checklist of things that I really wanted but it pretty much all focussed on the inside of the house.  The only thing I had written down for the outside was a garage… which I have but don’t actually use for my car!

Here’s this weeks layout:Week 33

From the roadside you would never guess that I even have much of a backyard but in fact it’s quite big.  Initially I had thought that the girls would enjoy ‘playing’ in the backyard and when we first moved in they did like that space… but very quickly I realised that they really weren’t ‘outside girls’.

Since I bought the house we have put in a patio area and we’ve moved the clothesline to catch the sun.  We’ve fully fenced the patio area and along the driveway.  We’ve also gotten rid of a LOT of ivy!  We’ve built a retaining wall and done a little bit of gardening that has never really been maintained… and then we got Toby!

At first we had to keep Toby inside pretty much all the time and then it became necessary to put in a proper back fence.  One to keep Toby in that would also keep everyone else out!  I spent ages looking for recycled materials and was lucky enough to find a large amount of dark green colour steel which looks fantastic as a back fence.

Now the backyard gets used every day!  Toby loves playing outside (so long as someone comes with him to play with!)  He loves digging holes and jumping around in the grass… and he loves barking at whoever is on the other side of the fence!

I’d love to have it looking nicer and actually being used more… it might have to be my summer project this year!

If you have any good tips for my backyard or how to have gardens that Toby won’t dig in I’d love to hear them!

Have a great week xx

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  1. Yay this looks just great, even tho initially having a big backyard didnt fit it now serves its purpose yes.. Nice one..


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