Sunday, September 2, 2012

Project Life: Week 35

Hi everyone :)

Somehow my clock went from 4.30 to 8pm in a blink of an eye!  How did that happen???  Meanwhile my whole week has been like that… it’s been busy!

Here’s a look at my week:Full_1

My week has been all about multi-tasking!  I’ve felt a bit like an octopus with all my arms busy at the same time.  Early this week I needed to get my maths books marked and I also needed to get my laundry dry… the solution?  Take my books with me to the laundrette and hey presto I got everything done!

This week at school we also had the Wearable Arts competition and the school disco.  Toby has decided that he doesn’t like school discos because it means Mumma doesn’t come home in time for him LOL


The disco was to raise funds for the Rippa Rugby group going to Wellington for the big NZ finals soon.  It was all hands on deck.  We had dads cooking the sausage sizzle, teachers and parents in the kitchen making toasted sandwiches and selling drinks and popcorn and Ashley and Connie were in a separate kitchen cooking hot chips… the end result was lots of happy kids and we raised more than we needed for the kids in the Rippa team :)

When I got home Toby decided that ripping up lots of newspapers would be a good welcome home… the poor boy couldn’t understand why I wasn’t impressed!

On Thursday we had our interschool sports against Saint Michael’s school which went really well.  My hockey teams played awesome games!


After school on Thursday Peter, Wendy, Glenn and myself all headed down to Gisborne to visit another school.  It ended up being a REALLY long day!  Peter (the principal) took us all out for dinner and I had one of the best steaks I’ve ever had… super yummy!

We stayed at the Captain Cook Motor Lodge in Gisborne and it was wonderful… super clean, lots of space and very relaxing! I’ve got an insert to show you soon all about our trip to Ilminster Intermediate.

This weekend I’ve spent lots of time with Toby.  We went to the canine supermarket and he got to pick some treats.  He ended up coming away with some more meat medallions, pet bones which is had one last night and thought it was wonderful, some pet ‘ice block’ treats and a really big tennis ball!

We also got the backyard mowed.  It took most of the afternoon because the grass was so long!  I got tired of emptying the catcher but the end result looks fantastic!  Toby treated the lawnmower exactly the same way as the lawnmower… lots of barking and chasing!!  He was super funny!

As promised here are the inserts about our visit to Ilminster Intermediate.  We saw so many good ideas and being a visual learner the best way for me to remember is to take photos to remind myself later.

Here’s the front:

Insert front_1

And here’s the back:

Insert back_1

And here’s my creative piece for the week:Creativity_1

Wendy and I went for a walk on Friday morning while we were in Gisborne and we bought our Daffodil Day stickers. Unfortunately they weren’t very sticky and wouldn’t stay on our clothes so I saved mine to use in my album. I made the background using an embossing folder and adding lots of ink :)

So that’s been my week… I hope you guys are all having a restful Sunday night and that your week ahead is great xxx

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