Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Log your Memory: Weeks 31 and 32

Hi everyone :)

Week 31

I had a bit of a struggle with the last prompt in the food section.  It was all about your dining table… and the reality is that we hardly ever eat at our table.  Usually it’s got Mikayla’s tech drawings or school stuff on it… but hardly ever food!

When the girls were smaller we always ate at the dining table.  I’d cook and the girls would take turns setting the table, we’d eat and then I’d clear everything away.  I started thinking about when it actually was that we stopped eating at the table and realised it was when the girls were both at high school and we’d usually eat sitting around the coffee table (mine is really big… but more on that soon!)

Here’s my layout for the prompt:Week 31

Mum, Dad and both of my sister’s families still eat at the table but the girls and I really don’t.  Now that it’s just Mikayla at home I quite often have dinner by myself because she’s at work… and I actually feel a bit uncomfortable sitting at the table by myself.  

I do love sitting at a table when I’m having a meal with friends… or going out for dinner… but I really LOVE eating outdoors!  In summer we’ll often eat at the BBQ table and we do actually do quite a lot of picnics for both lunch and dinner.

When it comes to family events we’d be lucky to find a table big enough for us all to sit around so it’s just as well we all enjoy a more relaxed style of entertaining!

Week 32

The Log your Memory prompts for August all focus on ‘personal space’.  To get things started there were a few questions about collections and furniture and I realised that I’ve actually been collecting specific things for quite a long time.

I really love old wooden furniture… no glass and modular steel for this girl! LOL

Here’s my layout:Week 32

My dressing table could tell you a few stories!!!  When I was little I used to go and stay with Nana and Granny.  They both lost their husbands within a year of each other and since Granny’s kids (my Mum and her brothers) were all leaving home Nana went to live at Granny’s house.  The dressing table belonged to Nana and we used to spend lots of time sitting in her room chatting without Granny around. 

One day we were in her room and she produced a box of chocolates that someone had given her.  Nana and I sat their chatting and gorging on chocolates all afternoon and then when dinner time came we weren’t hungry at all and Granny hit the roof!  She confiscated most of Nana’s chocolates off her. 

I say ‘most’ because we actually had another secret little stash (my Nana was pretty cool!)  We decided to be pro-active just in case Granny tried another raid so we taped chocolates (the wrapped up kind) to the bottom of Nana’s drawers.  Granny never found them!!!

Granny gave me Nana’s set of drawers when she moved into a rest home and the first thing I did was check under the drawers.  There were no chocolates but there WAS evidence of tape marks from where they had been!

Since then my dressing table has been restored and it’s really lovely.  I’ve also been lucky enough to find a tall boy that matches in fairly well, as well as a bed frame with headboard and footboard too!

Sometimes I see lovely wooden bedroom furniture for sale but I’ve never been tempted to buy it because that dressing table holds far too many memories and stories for me to ever replace it… I’m a bit sentimental like that!

So that’s it for this post.  I hope you’re all having a wonderful week xx


  1. Thats a lovely memory of your Nana and the chocolates. Must admit I do like the wood too. Our dining table is still in use but can see a time coming when we eat off our knees in the lounge. :)

  2. Wow Shell, I am so excited to see that the Dining room and Coffee tables are still clear of stuff - just like the scrap room - cos I know you will have taken the photos this week - ha ha LOL


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