Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 32 + 2 inserts

Hi everyone :)

As you may have guessed by the two inserts it’s been a VERY BIG week here.  Mostly it’s all school stuff but it sure did make the week go fast!

Here’s an overview of this week:Full_1

My week started off with the school Olympics day… and boy did we have fun!  There were 23 events… 46 countries and everyone from students, teachers, parents and support staff were involved.  Carey (the ICT teacher) took nearly 1000 photos so I decided to do an insert of the games.  Apart from the first couple of photos I only chose ones that featured my kids.  Here’s the first side:Olympics 1_1

And here’s the second:Olympics 2_1

The kids had a real blast and there were lots of nice comments about the medals I made for the prize giving.  I’ve included a photo of them in my pages but here’s a close-up view:IMG_7208_1

Getting back to the start of the week… I got an email from Brenda asking if I’d read the Craft House newsletter… and it’s just as well she asked because I’d missed the bit she wanted me to see… I WON the Project Life giveaway from SENZ!  Super happy about that and a big thank you to Mary, Beverley and David for making my day!

Here’s the first half of my week:Left_1

My Olympic Games display wall is coming along really well and we’ve had lots of positive comments about it from other teachers!  The kids have been producing top-notch work to put on the wall… awesome!

We spent a lesson looking at the official London mascots and then we started making our own mascots to represent New Zealand.  The kids were really into the whole idea and produced some great work for our wall… and then we made our final mascot using Photoshop which the kids really loved.  Here’s what we came up with:Room 4 mascot copy_1

It was also Wendy’s birthday this week and she normally makes us all a special afternoon tea when it’s our birthdays so I decided to do something nice for her.   We had carrot cake cupcakes with pretty sprinkles on them for afternoon tea at our team meeting… YUM!

The second half of the week has been just as busy:Right_1

We had an interschool winter sports afternoon with another school and the powhiri was pretty awesome!  Our school band also performed for the first time and I have to say that these kids are REALLY talented!

This weekend marks the official ‘adoption anniversary’ of Mr Toby!  Auntie Esther and Uncle James sent him a gorgeous book called “All dogs have ADHD” and after reading the book (which also has wonderful photos) I have to agree that Toby probably does have ADHD!

We were originally going to have an adoption party for Toby on Saturday but there was a few hiccups along with all the good stuff this week so we’ve decided to wait until it gets a bit warmer and all the winter sports are done.  It’s hard to believe that my little boy is so grown up! LOL


Since we weren’t ‘partying’ Toby and I went to Hamilton to visit Krystal instead.  He had a wonderful play with all the other ‘kids’ at the dog park and then he had a big sleep in the car while Krystal and I did some retail therapy… it turned out to be a fabulous day.

As I mentioned earlier there are two inserts this week.  The second one is all about our Matariki celebrations at school which happened on Friday afternoon/evening.  We were allowed to take our classes through for a look after lunch and I’m glad we did because I’d have never gotten photos later as the hall was so packed with parents, grandparents and other visitors.

Here’s a look at the front of the insert:Matariki 1_1

And here’s the second side:Matariki 2_1

LOTS of fabulous artwork on display and by the time I came in from doing duty on Friday afternoon a LOT of those cakes had already been sold!

To finish off I’ve got my little piece of creativity for the week.  I decided to do a ‘Toby’ piece of art to mark his adoption:Creativity_1

So that’s been my week!  Packed full of lots of different things.

I hope you’re all enjoying what’s left of the weekend and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a long-overdue update of Log your Memory

Have a great week everyone xxx

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  1. Oh My Gosh what a week you have had... fantastic News about your win you so deserve it..I Love the medals you made you are so good to those kids. Wow you are an awesome teacher..xx


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