Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 33

Hi everyone :)

It’s been a ‘bitsa’ week this week… bits of this and bits of that!  All in all I’m feeling quite good about it and somewhere further along my checklist of things that I want and need to get done.

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

It was officially Toby’s adoption anniversary on Monday (13th) and a lovely card arrived from his Grandma.  It was addressed to ‘Master Toby Honig’ and he was super keen to get it into his mouth!!  Thankfully I managed to keep it safe as Mum had put a lot of work into it!

I’m also loving TV on Demand at the moment.  Quite often I miss things I’ve been wanting to see due to work and picking up Mikayla so it’s great to have the ability to be able to watch the shows I’ve missed on demand.  Krystal told me about a new show called Hart of Dixie which she thought I might like but unfortunately it’s on at a really inconvenient time for me so I’ve been watching it on demand.

Here’s a better look at the start of the week:Left_1 The Project Life pendant arrived on Monday and it’s really nice.  I’ve been wearing it most days at school and it’s had quite a few comments… including one from Dan who thought it had something to do with the Olympics!

I also included some photos from my Log your Memory project as I realised I’d never really shown them before.  I’m so pleased that my doll and dressing table have found a place in my Project Life album.

Sue made the really nice card using Tim Holtz embossing diffusers.  They are really cool to work with!!!

We’ve been working hard in Room 4 with lots of on-task behaviour thanks to the class dojo system we’re using!  We also finished reading The BFG this week so on Friday we turned our classroom into a movie theatre with tarpaulins over the windows and watched the DVD.

Here’s the second half of the week:Right_1

On Friday a few of my kids told me that I was really COOL… so I responded that YES I am indeed a very cool person.  They all started laughing uproariously and I suddenly realised that there was more to it than I thought!  After school I was on duty and I overheard some kids talking about the word cool and the fact that apparently it now means: Constipated, Overweight, Old Lady… and here was me thinking it was a compliment!

Last night I got busy cleaning, de-cluttering, vacuuming and dusting my lounge… and by midnight it was looking stunning!  Toby spent quite a lot of time chasing, barking and trying to attack the vacuum and then today he’s spent most of the day pulling his toys out of the basket!  He’s now worn himself out and is snuggled up on the sofa beside me enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Here’s my creative piece for the week:Creativity_1

It hasn’t photographed very well today as it’s so overcast here it’s ridiculous!  The background is actually rusty colours with a bit of green… but in the photo it looks really brown.  I felt like using some bling and brads this week and then just added the Week 33 in white so that it really stands out.

I’ve been viewing some cool foodie blogs over the weekend and I’ve discovered a recipe for Molten Lava Chocolate Cakes (little individual ones):

molten lava cake 2

I’ve decided to give them a go because what could be nicer for dessert on a cold winter evening than warm chocolate cake with an oozy gooey filling???  If you’d like to check out the recipe you can find it here.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and that your Sunday night is relaxing xx

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