Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Log Your Memory: Week 42

Hi everyone :)

Don’t even ask me what happened to last weeks’ Log your Memory post… I actually completely forgot about it until I was heading to school on Friday.  But as they say… better late than never.  In fact, I think my family thinks that this phrase was invented especially for me!

The theme for this months’ prompts is shopping and to be honest I’m struggling with them a bit.  For the first time ever I’ve had a ‘sneak peek’ into what November holds for a theme and it’s looking to be much more ‘do-able’. 

Now onto Week 42!  The prompts for this week were all about loose change, paying the bills and credit cards.  It had me a bit stumped at first because:

  • I don’t carry cash on me so there’s no change
  • I pay all my bills online
  • I’m not really a credit card spender

Just as it was all getting a bit overwhelming I opened up my wallet and went through it… and I mean REALLY went through it… and it turns out that I had plenty to work with! 

Here’s my layout:Week 42

I’ve had my last wallet since 2007 but I actually found expired cards from 2004 inside it… how did I not notice those over the past 6 years???

In amongst all the detritus (that’s my cool word for the week!) I discovered FIVE expired credit cards… don’t panic Mum they’re all for closed accounts!  I also found several other expired cards like my Q card (I have a current one) and my NZ Teachers Council Practising Certificate card (Yep I’ve got a current one of those too!)

But looking at the other cards I’ve got ones for my D.I.Y. needs… my reading and stationery requirements… a Sub Card (didn’t know I had one of those!) and my Spotlight card (that one has saved me a LOT of money over the years!)

The cards I use regularly though are my Fly Buys and One Card.  It’s amazing just how much stuff one girl can fit in a wallet!

I think a new ‘slim lined’ wallet might be in the future for me… well maybe LOL

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week xx


  1. LOl over your expired cards. My wallet has a LOT of coffee cards. :)

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